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Some have impressed us, and others disappointed us big time. Some shows that we watched for no reason, and others that we are so sad they are ending. Ramadan every time comes with heaps of series and by the end of the month we like to shed the light on the actors/actresses who captured our hearts the most.

so, without further ado, here they are in no specific order:

Yasser Galal

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There are certain roles that you can directly relate the actor to that role. El Fetewa is one of them, where you automatically know that it should be Yasser Galal who plays the role and it’s all for the good reasons. Yasser Galal has the looks, charisma, skills, and most definitely the voice that makes him the perfect It hero in any series. He played “Hassan”, the Egyptian version of the mighty knight that saves the country in the perfect way. It’s considered to be one of the very good shows this year, thanks to the good execution of the decor, clothing, and language of that era of old Cairo.

Ahmed Zaher

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When you get so much hate over a character you play, then you are doing it right! Ahmed Zaher has probably received death threats over his despicable role as Fathy in El Brens this year. While the story of the series is not a new one, Zaher managed to play the role of the greedy dishonorable brother in a smart way. Even if you didn’t watch the full series, you probably saw one of his scenes and wished him all the bad things already.

Rogena Amin

Via Akhbarelyom

The only actress who can get away with a long fake Black wig because of her genius acting skills! She killed this year’s role as Fadwa, Fathy’s second wife and drug dealer. Fadwa, similar to Fathy’s character, is the blunt immoral wife that cheats on her husband with his brother, sells drugs for a living, and finds it amusing to hurt people! This straightforward evil is mostly hard to master in acting because it can be played in a very shallow way, but thanks to Rogena, we all love to hate her in El Brens.

Youssef El Sherif

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One of the hardest things for any actor/actress is to bring a hit series every year! As much as it’s considered a success, with the high expectations of the audience, it becomes almost impossible to have a streak of success every single year. However, Youssef El Sherif always tries his best to bring a different idea, and  Al Nehaya is definitely a futuristic show that is a first in Egyptian TV. His role as “Zayn” is quite impressive and other than the massive production, his wife Engy Alaa, did a great job as well as a look consultant for the series wardrobe.

Eslam Ebraheem

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Starring as “Hamada in Be 100 Wesh, one of the most successful comedies this year. Islam managed to be one of the key gang members that we all love to watch, and wish to get away with what they did. He has a sense of humor, big heart, and we truly believe he deserves to end with the love of his life, Nadia. This is not the first time where Eslam shines, and we would love to see him in more characters in the future.

Donia Maher

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Donia’s reincarnation of Abla Kamel is real in Be 100 Wesh. She has massive skills at playing so many roles, and what we love the most about her is that she completely masters a role from the accent, language to the hair, and makeup. Her role as Naglaa’ is one of the most loved characters in the series and we couldn’t be thankful enough for the crew of this series that brought us this shows.

Bayoumi Fouad

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We knew that Bayoumi Fouad can play more than his typical sarcastic role that everyone loves. Maybe that’s from his role in the 2006 Ramadan Series Heya we Dafenshy, where he gave a memorable performance. We are glad that he reappeared again with this year’s role as Men’em in Kheyanet Al Ahd. Everyone loved his genuine role as an honest and supportive man and friend.

Mohamed Diab

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Diab might be the only reason that made us watch Forsa Tanya. Even though the script for his character didn’t help him, he gave us some real laugh moments from this series, apart from the control freak husband character that he had to play. Diab is the kind of actor that grows on you gradually and you begin to love his scenes whenever he shows up!

ِAhmed Dawood

Via Baaz 

Ahmed Dawood’s outbreak since Mariam Na’oom’s masterpiece, Segn el Nesaa’ was such a success and he managed to appear every year after with an impressive role. We have seen him as the cheater, the rich, corrupted, and with this year’s appearance in Le’bet El Nesyan, we couldn’t help but fall in love with him. Even though the series started really strong then lost its zeal due to the very slow pace, Ahmed Dawood played Amr Wahdan with his pure and kind features ever so easily and was definitely a perfect choice for this role.

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