HealthEgypt Registers New Highest Daily Record at 1,127 COVID-19 Cases in the Past 24 Hours

Well, just when yesterday we were stating that the toll has risen to 910, the Egyptian government just announced a new highest daily record of 1,127 Coronavirus cases and 29 deaths, at press time.

COVID-19: Egypt Registers 19 New Deaths and 910 Cases in the Past 24 Hours

All of this comes after the Medical Sector in Egypt has been going on resignation spree, in demand of more medical care for those who are working, first hand, with patients that are COVID-19 positive.

According to Egyptian Streets, With the Eid public holiday coming to an end, Egypt is expected to relax its nationwide curfew, which had been lengthened to commence from 5PM until 6AM. Starting 30 May, the curfew will be relaxed once again and will be effective from 8PM to 6AM, with shops and other commercial entities required to shut their doors from 5PM.

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