TechnologyNow You Can Have Spotify Premium for 3 Months for Free and Here’s How!

Beginning today, Spotify Premium is offering three months free to eligible Spotify free and first time-users across all Premium plans (Individual and Family). For those who are missing their Individual Premium plan and canceled for one reason or another, Spotify is offering three months for EGP 49.99 for the most popular audio streaming subscription service.

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So if you’re a music fan, (sorry, but who isn’t?) today is the perfect day to rejoin over 130 million Spotify Premium subscribers – AKA the “cool kids” – to unparalleled, super quality, fully Arabic streaming experience. With an impressively diverse catalog, MENA users can unlock a world of on-demand access to over 50 million tracks, 4 billion playlists, and millions of hours of audio content.

Whether you’re listening to your favorite chill tracks or looking for the best playlist for your at-home workout, Spotify has you covered with on-demand and ad-free music listening. Plus – while we’re staying apart physically, Spotify recently launched a new Listening Together hub with brand-new playlists curated by celebrities, artists, and influencers who share in users’ favorite at-home interests, past times and passions.

With Spotify Premium, you are your own DJ – with unlimited skips, you can simply skip the songs you do not like and repeat the ones you love! Plus, when you tap the heart icon to like a song on your favorite songs and albums, Spotify immediately puts them into a ‘Liked Songs’ playlist that’s automatically downloaded to your phone and pinned to the top of the Playlists section of Your Library.

So what’s the difference between the two offers? Spotify’s three months free is for Spotify free and first-time users across all Premium plans – Family and Individual. The three months for EGP 49.99 offer is for the individual Premium plan, and subscribers must have canceled their Premium plan on or before April 14. Sign up for the offer begins today through June 30.

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