FashionTake Your Stay At Home Outfits To The Next Level With These Tips

Mahytab RiyadJune 7, 20206 min

I think no one will disagree when I say that how you dress reflects the way you feel and your state of mind. Your outfit determines how people will perceive you as well.

We can also all agree that with being locked down for almost three months now, looking in the mirror every day to find a disheveled person increases the feeling of boredom, despair, and hopelessness that the pandemic and quarantine already leave us with.

This down state of mind may lead to depression and/ or other mental health issues. On the other side, wearing clothes in which you perceive your look as “perfect” and feel like your best self will definitely boost your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love. This will definitely turn you into a more satisfied and happy person.

That’s why, taking care of how you look, even if it’s at home, can make you feel a bit better, and with a few simple alterations, you can change your whole image.  It’s not necessary to wear going out clothes, there are many ideas to look good in your home quarantine. Here are some super easy ideas for you ladies to look your best at home:

Idea #1

 You can replace the boring PJs pants with cotton wide-leg pants. The pants could be boho style and pair it with a neutral color t-shirt or cropped top. 

Idea #2

Wear your favorite sporty sweat pants with an oversized cotton t-shirt. You can tuck the t-shirt in the pants for an edgy look, or leave it out for a loose one. This style is really comfy and stylish. The same sweat pants can be mixed with a tank top or a bralette.


Idea #3 

Light summer hoodies are perfect in this case. They can be loose or well fitted, they can be styled with a cotton hot short, leggings, or sweat pants. 


Idea #4

knitwear sets could be a cool thing to wear at home. These sets usually come in two pieces with the same color, which gives a cool monochrome look.

This is not all ladies, always use your creative minds to add your special touch to these outfits and create your own signature look!

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