EntertainmentThe Arab Ignorance When It Comes to Cyber-Bullying (Eman Ramadan Edition)

Yarah AhmedJune 7, 20202

Imagine this; having your wedding, the day of your dreams, and posting pictures of this special day, you find people out of nowhere make disgusting, hateful comments and bullying you because they don’t like how you look.

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This exactly what happened with Eman Ramadan, Mohammed Ramadan’s sister. She went viral on social media after facing harsh comments. A few days ago, Eman Ramadan had her wedding and once the photos were posted, they went viral.  People started to be mean and make disgusting comments on how she looks.

Here are some of the disgusting comments on Instagram:

We expected people to see the main issue and criticize her for having this wedding during coronavirus pandemic. But the fact that this hasn’t got the attention we expected is shocking! Instead, they decided to comment on her look as if they have the right to do so!

People don’t know that there’s a fine line between criticizing and bullying, they need to be educated about the difference ASAP. They find as long as you are a public figure or a relative to a public figure, they have the right to violate your personal life.

Society has set beauty standards that if you don’t fit them, you’ll be in the “THE UGLY” category, and people will give themselves the right to criticize.

While the world is striving for justice and equality in the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement to end racism; here we witness the most disgusting act by bullying a human being because we don’t like how they look.

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  • peter

    June 8, 2020 at 7:42 am

    finally someone said it, most basic of questions how is the problem her looks when its really that she actually had a wedding in the middle of a pandemic….



    June 8, 2020 at 1:39 pm



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