TravelYou’ll Certainly Feel Proud to be Egyptian After Reading About Aya Radwan’s Story!

Salma KhattabJune 7, 2020

Do you love a story to boost your sense of nationalism? No, it’s not about the Egyptian military in Sinai. It’s Aya Radwan, an Egyptian resident in the Maldives, who sent the Egyptian embassy an email, to seek help!

Here is her story:

Aya has an eye disease called “Blue Water”. Doctors told her that if she doesn’t get certain eye drops, she might lose her sight forever. However, the indicated eye drops are not available in the Maldives and that’s when Aya decided that she should seek help from the government!

She sent an official email to the embassy, asking to issue permits to allow the entry of the medication into the Maldives. She said: “I had no hope”.

The best thing is the Egyptian embassy responded immediately. She said: “just after 10 minutes, they replied to the email, confirming her request”. Just a few days after, she received 4 packages to her doorstep fully paid with a card to wish her quick recovery.

Reading about this, since that it was literally viral on all social media platforms, got us to the points that we certainly felt extremely proud of how our government has reposted to Aya’s cries for help!


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