PoliticsIsn’t It Ironic That Egyptians Are Supporting the #Blacklivesmatter Movement?

Egyptians are very racists. You hate to admit that, but let’s be honest to ourselves for once. We do it even in our daily conversations.
Salma KhattabJune 8, 202018964 min

#Blacklivesmatter is a hashtag that you have definitely passed by recently. In case you have been MIA for a long time, thousands of Americans have been protesting against police violence facing African Americans since the brutal death of George Floyd by a police officer.

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For your own information, it is not new actually. The same hashtag was used in 2014. African Americans have been always suffering from racism, especially when the current very racist president, Trump, came to power.

People from all over the world joined the movement on the internet, posting about the incident using the hashtag and some emotional photos. Egyptian celebrities, influencers, and normal people posted about it. I myself posted about the story to help spread awareness.

Some of them were criticizing America for racism. But wait a moment, why do Egyptians post about it, while they can be full of racism as well? How can you even support something that you keep doing each and every day?

Egyptians are very racists as well. You hate to admit that, but let’s be honest to ourselves for once. We do it even in our daily conversations. Notice yourself, there is at least one racist word you say daily! I dare you! Whether it is intended or not! It is still called RACISM.

Here are some statements we tend to say daily and their English translation:

“Ana msh el shaghala el phillipinia ely gabhalk babak” -“I’m not the Philippine housekeeper your dad bought for you”

“Dah yahoody” -“He is a jew”

“Enta zengy yabny?”- “Are you black?”

“Hwa ana 3abd 3andak” “Am I your slave?”

“Betetfy el nour leh, ma enty dalma khel2a!” -“Why do you close the light, your face is already black!”

“Mayb2ash albak zy weshak”-“Better not have a black heart as your face”

There are many Nubians, Sudanese, and Aswani face racism. People mock them in their faces repeatedly, just because they have different skin tones.  This is an eyeopener to you, Egyptians! #StopRacism and #StartByYourself. If America should stop racism, the whole world should do.

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