HealthYoga Can Be Your Thing During This Lock down Thanks to “Yoga With Adriene” and “Anupama Yoga With Farah”

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During this lockdown, we look for motivation to get out of bed, something to do to kill time. We kind of got bored from watching movies and series, but have you tried to do some yoga?

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Some of us tried doing some yoga, but we quit with the first position we fail to do. But let me introduce you to the ultimate useful YouTube channel that will make you fall in love with yoga.

Yoga with Adriene is a YouTube channel by Adriene Mishler, a yoga teacher, and actress. She started her YouTube channel in 2012. Now she has over 7 million subscribers and her videos have millions of viewers.

She creates yoga videos in such a soothing and calm way that motivates you to grab your yoga matte and start right away. If you’re a beginner to yoga and you don’t know where to start, I highly recommend you go straight to her ultimate famous list for beginners “30 Days of Yoga”. Personally, this list made me get into yoga easily without feeling any difficulty.

The first three or five days you’ll find yourself struggling and your muscles too. You’ll feel your body hurts, your legs, and wrists. but that’s the challenge. After a week you’ll notice that you’re full of life and energy to continue. You’ll start loving waking up early, doing some yoga as a part of your daily routine, and you’ll start to do some of the poses right. All in all, you’ll start noticing the difference in your day.

The special thing about Adriene is that she completely understands how beginners feel at first when they try yoga. In her videos, you’ll see her saying that it’s okay if you feel weakness in your wrists, or if your toes touching the ground.


While you watch her videos you’ll notice how she works with beginners. For example: if you’re doing a pose and you feel like your legs hurt like hell, she’ll say that it’s okay if your legs hurt now. She speaks to people as if she is with them. What caught my attention in her channel is that she has videos if you feel a certain emotion. it will help you to release these emotions by doing some yoga exercises.

With that being said, I’ve also found this Egyptian Youtube channel for Yoga that also caught my attention and I believe it will help you as well.

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“Anupama Yoga with Farah”
is an Egyptian YouTube channel that teaches yoga in a simple way. Farah Mourad is a Certified Yoga Instructor from the Indian government. She made this Youtube channel to help people doing some yoga at home, and help them mentally and physically through her videos. Her videos are so cheerful and make you want to do yoga immediately as well.


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