HealthRaising a Snail at Home and Putting it on Your Face Is the Latest Skincare Trend and Here’s Why!

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When it comes to beauty and skincare, we know that some are willing to sell a kidney or two -if they could- to achieve their desired looks. We’ve seen a lot, from collagen sheet masks to rolling a torturous device full of needles on your face aka derma roller, and it all sounds acceptable so far. However, when I heard about the latest thing in the skincare world from my best friend a few weeks ago I was shocked because it includes a snail, mucus, and your face!

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Being an avid skincare fanatic, I know we can go so far to get that glass skin look, but the live snail mucin trend is a bit too cringy if I may say. To understand more, you basically get a snail, put it on your face, and let it do its natural thing of releasing its mucin on your skin. You’ll be left with a trail of a slime-like thing on your skin and this is supposed to be your active serum to rub on your face and neck. In case you are wondering where do people get them from, there are actual pages and sellers who sell it online, and tell you how to take care of it.

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Now, is it really a good idea to rub the secretions of the helpless snail on your face? Let’s first understand some information about this gooey serum. Technically it’s mucus that the snail produces as it crawls along, like a natural lubricant to facilitate the snail’s movement while protecting it from abrasions, bacteria, and other infections.

What Exactly Is the Function of Snail Slime?

There are several types of mucus produced by the snails, one that you can see on the ground that covers the surface they move along, and a thicker one that helps the snail adhere to some surfaces. Also, there is the slime produced by the snail as a type of protectant and usually increases when the snail is under distress. This is the one mostly used in skincare products.

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 Why Bother Lathering Yourself  With the Secretions of a Snail?

Well, it has several ingredients that are considered a necessity in the beauty world, like proteins, hyaluronic acid, glycol acid, antioxidants, and elastin. “Many claim the snails’ secretions on a skin stimulate the skin to produce collagen, elastin and other components thought to result in clearer skin while fighting signs of aging and sun damage.” according to .

Having said that, it is actually not a new thing in the beauty industry to use snail slime, as it goes back since 400 B.C. in ancient Greece, where crushed snail shells were prescribed in an ointment to treat inflammation, according to a paper published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. In the early 2000s, this magic elixir also gained popularity in South Korea and is considered nowadays as one of the main ingredients in the K-beauty products.


So, the question here is whether to try it or not. Some dermatologists have a clear opinion about this and we should put it in consideration, like this one:

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Why take the risk though? While there are so many super expensive brands that take this serum and rebrand it, there are some reasonable products with snail mucin that you can get your hands on like the  Snail Foam Cleansing by 3W Clinic and ٍthe Snail Repair line by Mizon. It’s mess-free, you will skip all the weird explanations that you owe to your spouse or family members for putting a snail on your face, and also, let’s leave those poor snails alone.

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