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Who doesn’t look for high-quality products at reasonable prices? We all do, and that’s one of the things we love about our #Chatterersgoinglocal campaign. We find great products, and we support our local businesses as well, and when it comes to skincare, haircare, and cosmetics, we’ve been going through hundreds of local brands and with trials and errors, we have compiled this list that includes the best Egyptian beauty brands. Here you go:

Raw African

The first one is Raw African, this brand is almost three years old and they have a wide range of products for skin and hair. Their product range includes deep conditioners, hair styling creams, body butter, lotions, natural oils, aloe vera gel, and many others. I believe their key selling point is that the products smell heavenly and their signature product is their incredible Eye cream.

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In a pinkish elegant theme comes Braes, a newborn yet a growing rapid beauty brand. Braes focuses more on hair products like natural shampoo and conditioner, but they also launched some for skin lately. Their packaging is a strong point they have, it’s unique and creative, besides, they are gaining popularity through the quality of their products and their luxury branding!

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Gizmo Care

From the mermaid of the Mediterranean comes Gizmo Care, another beauty brand that dedicates their creativity to come up with innovative products. To show you what I mean, all the natural oils they sell are scented with essential oils, so the oils get a nice scent with extra value. Also, they have face maks made from ingredients that aren’t common in the other natural beauty brands such as Chocolate and Bee Pollen.


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Prisma By Nina cosmetics

Prisma By Nina cosmetics is another rising Alexandrian star, the brand has a big range of cosmetics that are made from natural ingredients with a quality that could be compared to famous cosmetics brands, especially the body & face highlighters. They also have peel-off masks, clay masks, and skin serums that are very effective. 

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Speaking of made in Egypt cosmetics, Essentials is a great local cosmetics brand with such a pristine aesthetic. They use friendly ingredients from nature into their cosmetics, face creams, body lotions. They have a variety of scents for almost every product, and their packaging definitely compares to some universal beauty brands out there.

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In addition to all the previous brands, you will find Joviality which is another elegant natural beauty brand. Joviality is the queen of body butter and body balm, they have incredible quality ones. I would suggest you try their nail and cuticle oil as well, it’s really one of the best in the market.

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Black Lotus

You can hardly name a single kind of oil that is not available at Black Lotus.  They have a very long list of essential and carrier oils that can be used to take good care of both hair and skin. Their product list includes natural soap bars, facial cleansers, and scrubs as well. Their quality is guaranteed by a lot of their clients over the past year.

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Areej Aromatherapy

The last brand we have today is Areej Aromatherapy, which depends mainly on the use of pure and natural botanical plant ingredients to produce natural products, that cures some problems related to the body, soul mind, and spirit.  An example of their unique products is the “Mood Sprays” that are therapeutic essential oil blends used all over a room ambiance to handle mood swings or insomnia. Another example is the “Floral waters” which are used to treat skin issues like sunburns, rash, stretch marks, or cellulite.

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The local beauty industry in Egypt is definitely taking a promising path, and we believe you should give a try to the rising brands. 

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