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We certainly do wish them a speedy recovery!
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Since COVID-19 virus has begun to spread, we wake up every day to know about more people who are suffering from it.  A number of celebrities, politicians, and sports stars around the world have been infected by the coronavirus. As for the Arab world, the numbers are notably less than the other parts of the globe, and some of them shared their experience with the virus on their social media to spread awareness, and while we wish for everyone to be safe, here are the Arab figures that were infected with coronavirus and their experience: 

Hind Al-Bahraineya

The first Arab celebrity to get infected with COVID-19 is the Bahraini singer Hind. She announced her illness in last March. She got the virus in Barcelona Spain. After a while, her tests turned negative and she got out of the isolation hospital in Bahrain. 


 Rola Mahmoud

Ater Hind incident, Rola Mahmoud, an Egyptian Actor, announced that she caught coronavirus while being in England. She mentioned that her case is getting deteriorated every day. Rola got the test in Oxfordshire, UK where she is currently living. Unfortunately, we don’t know any updates about her case right now. 

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Ragaa Al Gedawy

Right after Ramadan came to an end, we heard that the well-beloved Egyptian Actor, Ragaa Al Gedawy has been tested positive and she got into the isolation hospital in Ismailia. The news was announced by her daughter who asked her audience to pray for her. Ragaa Al Gedawy is still in the hospital. However, it’s announced that her case has started to be stable and she is well responsive to treatment. 


Nihal Nabil

Another Egyptian celebrity tested positive to the COVID-19 is the Egyptian singer Nihal Nabil. Nihal and her mother both got infected with the virus, and they are isolated in their home.   

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ِAhmed Fathy’s Family

At the beginning of June, Nora Ismail, the wife of the famous Egyptian Football Player Ahmed Fathy announced that she and their daughters have caught Coronavirus. Ahmed Fathy and his family are being isolated in the hospital and they are waiting for the second test in a few days. It has been reported that they are getting better and expected to come out from isolation soon. 

Karim Kassem

Last Sunday, the Egyptian Actor, Karim Kassem posted a video on his Instagram account to tell his audience about his journey with coronavirus from the moment symptoms started to appear three weeks ago until full recovery. He told us that he was home isolated alone away from his elderly father.  Karim’s main purpose for posting this video is to raise the awareness that there is no shame to be infected with COVID-19. He also encouraged people whenever they suspect being infected with the coronavirus to inform everyone whom they closely contact. This definitely will help them taking certain precautions and help stop spreading the virus. 

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Eman El Assi

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Lastly, yesterday, Eman El Assi, an Egyptian Actress posted a video on her Instagram account as well. She also told her audience that she got infected, and was isolated at home, disconnected from her daughter, and totally recovered from COVID-19 throughout the last three weeks. Eman emphasizes the importance of informing people who you usually contact whenever you get any symptoms, and that it’s not a shame to have coronavirus.

On the other hand, there are some Arab celebrities who were chased by rumors of catching COVID-19 like, The great Egyptian Actor, Adel Emam, the Egyptian Singer, Mohmed Hamaki, the Egyptian Actors Mohey Ismail and Hazem Sami, the Iranian Actor, Abdullah Boushahri, the Moroccan Footballer, Walid Azaro and Egypt’s pride and Football Player Mohamed Salah. All the previous public personalities denied the news and announced that they are in a very good health condition. 

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