EntertainmentTiktokers, Mawda El-Adham and Haneen Hossam, Sent Back to Jail!

The incarceration of Haneen and Mawada has been the talk of the people recently.
Zahra TarekJune 12, 202014212 min

Hours ago, the Egyptian Public Prosecution announced that Haneen Hosam, Mawda El-Adham, and others will be transferred to criminal trial with continued imprisonment. This came one day only after Haneen was out on 10.000LE bail.

Haneen Mawada

The two girls are accused of harassing the Egyptian society’s values. But according to the Public Prosecution, Hossam was faced with new evidence that led to checking her electronic devices. One of the people arrested is accused of hiding evidence, publishing stuff that could affect the public opinion in favor of one of the parties, and helping one of the girls escape justice!

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However, the Public Prosecution will continue its investigation in the human trafficking crime they’re both accused of. And it seems like there’s a lot to this case we still don’t know of. So, let’s hope to see justice done.

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