EntertainmentDaiartsy: A Creative Artist That Transfers Words and Feelings of People to the Mere Art of Drawing

Salma KhattabJune 14, 202025354 min

“Creativity” is the only word I can use to describe this upcoming story. A young lady who understands the core of creativity. If she puts her touch in anything, it will definitely glow, and her art is the proof. Just scroll down and check Dai Ehab’s sublime artwork:


Dai Ehab is a young artist who sees art in a different way. She explains: “Art has the power to change the world”. After she read a book called Confess by Colleen Hoover, she got inspired by the idea of an artist who does the same. Immediately after reading the book, she started posting on her social media account about the new project where people can leave a confession about themselves, lives, feelings, or anything they wish to share anonymously. People submit their confessions on Google forum, and the inspiration starts. She reads them and starts creating her magic based on each confession.

Honestly, it is a new idea to channel people’s emotions with art. In the same way, it definitely triggers her creativity. “First of all, I read the confessions, then choose the ones that catch my creativity. I start to imagine the words and illustrate them into art,” she said. Dai added: “The technique I follow is manually using the ink or pencil and colors. I choose the color, depending on the emotions I get from the piece of confession.”

“I usually do not like the painting to look depressing, even if the emotion is negative, I like it to be always neutral, so when he/she looks at it, he/she feels a sense of optimism, ” Dai added.

It’s surely a very expressive way to share feelings and thoughts. When art is combined with words, we get to see some of the unprecedented minds shine like Dai’s one.

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