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How many suicides would it take for us to realize that being kind is the only answer? That we're all in it together, and that life is hard just as it is.
Zahra TarekJune 16, 202010 min

It’s a sure thing that 2020 hasn’t been the nicest of years but neither are we. Since the beginning of the lock-down, and due to lots and lots of free time, there have been many trends on Facebook. Some of which the main victims were people. People just like me, the one writing these words, and you, reading them. People, who -believe it or not!- have family, friends, and feelings, that actually do get hurt.

The online witch-hunting began with Haneen Hossam, and that wasn’t the only or first case but just the climax. Following Hossam, were Mawda El-Adham, Sama El-Masry, Sherry Hanem, and Menna Abdelaziz (a rape victim!).

We can’t possibly forget when people put Ramy Gamal, Sherif Madkour, Mohamed Ramadan’s son and sister, Sherif Mounir’s daughters, and others under their stone-cold microscope. It has been pretty obvious that the concept of cyber-bullying doesn’t ring any bells anymore. There’s really a not-so-thin line between innocent sarcasm and judging someone for how they look, dress, or talk, but if that line ever becomes blurry, remember Prophet Muhammad’s wise words: “He who believes in Allah and in the last day should speak good or keep silence.”

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The last -still ongoing- Facebook feud is the death of Sarah Hegazi. Hegazi was a lesbian activist who spent 3 months in jail for waving the rainbow flag in the 2017 Mashrou’ Leila concert. She had to immigrate to Canada, as she couldn’t live in Egypt after the flag incident. She committed suicide, leaving behind nothing but a heart-breaking note.

Let’s cut the chase, shall we? What could anyone possibly gain from joking and talking bad about a dead person? What’s the use of debating over her sexuality or her own relationship with God? If only we could stop the chaos for a minute and look dead in the eye to the facts here. She is dead. She, no longer, exists.

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A young woman, in a foreign country 9.000 Km away from her friends and family, felt a great deal of pain and sadness just existing. So, she took her own life. It’s simple and sad as that. Even if you are against her actions, which is completely justifiable, the thought of a tortured soul, that had no escape from her suffering other than death, shouldn’t be anything but tragic. This shameful debate over Sara Hegazi deserves to be resting in peace or not should bring this guy to our mind.

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Can anyone remember Nader Mohamed? The 25-year-old guy who threw himself off the Cairo Tower and just minutes after the video of his suicide, the same online war began. People conflicted over if they should ask God to have mercy on Nader or not!

How many suicides would it take for us to realize that being kind is the only answer? That we’re all in it together, and that life is hard just as it is. So do we necessarily have to be this cruel? Don’t we have any time to rethink our words before saying them? Maybe, just maybe, the next time you decide to debate over someone’s fate after death, make sure to not make their life a living hell first.

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