TravelK’s Travel Chatter: Here’s Why Italy Might Not Be the Perfect Destination for Your Honeymoon!

Nowadays, honeymooners long for the exotic islands, far-away tropical lands, and practically anywhere that’s currently trending on social media.
karima RagabJune 17, 202012293214 min

122While I’ve personally fallen in love with Italy when I toured it last summer, I had specifically chosen not to go to Europe on my honeymoon, as tempting as it was. Why? Common belief suggests that Europe is easily accessible, close, and straightforward if you live in Egypt. You know where you need to go to have a good time. Nowadays, honeymooners long for the exotic islands, far-away tropical lands, and practically anywhere that’s currently trending on social media.

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Take me for instance. I knew for a fact that I didn’t want to go to Europe on my honeymoon, even though an Italian road trip had always been on my bucket list. Not to mention the exquisite views of the French Riviera or the romantic islands of Greece. Destinations like these wouldn’t have been enough to completely experience in a short time. Also, flights from Egypt to Europe are relatively affordable, compared to other destinations, so you will most likely be planning a Euro trip next time you save up.

Back to Italy. As soon as I came back from my honeymoon (which is a different story, and I’ll tell you about it later), I started planning for my next trip. I literally opened Expedia, and searched for any flights to Italy. The cheapest I came across was a $400 return flight to Naples. I kid you not, my husband and I booked the flight instantly. My only concern was, how will I be able to see everything in two weeks? Here, came my love for planning and let me tell you why Italy was perfect, but not for a honeymoon.

Too many places to go

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The recent honeymoon trend (which has actually been going on for many years now) suggests that couples should not stick to one destination, and rather fly out to two or three countries. With Italy, you simply can’t just go for a couple of days and head off to your next destination. Its beauty, elegance, and charm, cannot be grasped in a few days. In my humble opinion, to get a real taste of Italy, you need to stay at least ten days. In ten days, I visited Naples, Rome, Florence, Pompeii, Sorrento, Positano, Capri, Amalfi, Salerno, small towns in-between, and I still felt it wasn’t enough!

Moreover, you wouldn’t want to miss out on anything so it would be hard to spend as much alone time with your new partner as you should on your honeymoon. However, if you’re planning on spending three weeks or even a month in Italy, then a honeymoon trip would be heavenly.

It Ain’t Cheap!

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As I’m constantly thinking of my next trip, I always need to find the smartest and most affordable arrangements, so that I can get the best experience at the best price. Like any country in Europe, Italy is not cheap; especially when converting Egyptian Pound to Euro. I haven’t stayed at hostels yet, but I always find an affordable hotel or an Airbnb that meets my requirements.

Take Positano for instance. Beautiful. Staying there, however, is ridiculously expensive. I was actually reconsidering our itinerary when I checked the prices on, until I stumbled upon this little town called Pompeii, after a few hours spent on Google Maps. Yes, the same town that was ruined by the Vesuvius volcano, and where the walls kept tumbling down in the city that we love. Since we were set on renting a car anyway, we realized it would be much more economical if we stayed in Pompeii, and took a trip to these coastal towns whenever we pleased. It was honestly the best decision we took during this trip.

The Crowd

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Maybe it’s because we went during peak season, in August, but Italy was just too CROWDED. If you ever think you’ll end up snapping a Pinterest-y or Instagram picture of you in front of the colorful houses overlooking the sea by the Amalfi coast, think again. These pictures you see and save are probably taken during a dead hour to avoid as many tourists as possible, and there is a high chance they’re photoshopped too!

On my honeymoon, I wanted to explore gorgeous beaches and enjoy and laid-back atmosphere, while going on some adventures and appreciating lively vibes every now and then. I didn’t want to be overwhelmed with tiny little hilly and crowded roads and worry about parking the car every place I went to. Adding on, I would have much rather preferred having my own sunbathing chair and not stressing about finding a spot on the beach, as most beaches are public, therefore insanely crowded.

No Time to Chill

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Because it’s one of the top-visited countries in Europe and the world, everyone staying will want to make the most out of their trip to the Bel Paese – meaning that everyone is one step ahead of you, regardless of how much time you spent planning (trust me, I’m a big planner!). No matter how early you get up to hit the road in hopes of reaching a certain gem ahead of everyone else, you arrive at your destination with dozens of locals and tourists already one step ahead of you.

To make the most out of our trip, we were waking up early and driving long hours to explore as many towns as possible; and as soon as we got the hang out of a city, we’d be on the road again! I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t have enjoyed spending a great part of my honeymoon in a car, touring a country. I’d much rather spend it laying on an easily accessible beach and not worrying about where to dine or go out at night.

It’s Perfect for a Newly-Wed Romantic Trip

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Having said all of the above, I truly believe touring Italy is perfect for newlyweds, as it’s recommended before kids are in the picture, and traveling starts to get slightly more complicated. When it’s just the two of you and not on your honeymoon, you’re willing to give up luxury and comfort in exchange for local and authentic experiences.

That being said, touring Italy was a dream come true and was magical. Stay tuned for a ‘dos and don’ts’ article about the tips and tricks to guarantee the best outcome of your road-trip in Italy – all out of the experience!

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