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This exceptional edition and gathering of the best creative minds are beyond a normal live streaming video, we are bringing you a full e-conference experience like never before. With three main themes; Creativity and innovation, Ramadan Review, and COVID-19 / The new normal.
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If it happens to be that you’re an entrepreneur, a marketer, a content creator, or in any way need creativity and innovation in your work then we come bearing amazing news! Clear up your schedule on the 20-21 of July and get ready to be hooked by the Creative Industry Summit in its 11th virtual edition.

As we all know Creative Industry Summit never failed to achieve massive success bringing exceptional minds, ideas, sessions, and speakers from all around the globe that it became the event all of us count-down for over the past years, and this won’t change a bit especially this year. As, In addition to it being virtual for the first time ever, and the diversity of the speakers, the summit has exclusive themes that make the whole experience impossible to miss.

So, we were pleased to interview Mai Salama, Co-founder of the Creative Industry Summit, who told us all that you need to know and expect from the virtual edition of the Creative Industry Summit!

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What is Creative Industry Summit trying to achieve this year?

Creative Industry Summit (C—S) is coming up in July, and it is going to be the strongest E-conference in the MENA Region, so get ready to be spellbound with the best speakers, reconnect with creativity and innovation and network with your industry peers.

This exceptional edition and gathering of the best creative minds is beyond a normal live streaming video, we are bringing you a full e-conference experience like never before. With three main themes; Creativity and innovation, Ramadan Review, and COVID-19 / The new normal.

Our mission is to elevate your experiences by hosting a never been seen nor experienced edition that will include an array of topics about creativity in uncertain times, innovations, product transformation, breakthroughs, creative solutions for the during & post-pandemic life, fascinating ways to craft a creative culture for your business, inventions, commerce solutions, media, art, advertising, digital, and the list goes on!

With a strong lineup of game-changers, business leaders, artists, gurus in various fields from across the region and around the globe. So, stay tuned for the MENA Regions’ leading platform and gathering for creativity’s Virtual Edition.

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 What will be new in the Creative Industry Summit’s 11th edition compared to its last 6 consecutive years of success?

Well, for starters our upcoming edition is a FULL-ON Virtual Edition. It is not a zoom session, not a webinar, it’s an e-conference experience where you log in, there is a networking area, and then when the session starts the networking area closes. You can interact with the speakers; we can do polling to any questions that would arise during the discussion. A full agenda with sessions, you can comment, ask the speakers questions, and interact. Of course, there will be breaks and time for people to grab their drinks and return to the conference. It is like being in a physical conference but on a virtual scale.

What are the most significant topics the summit will propose and discuss?
  • Digital Only
  • Creativity in the Time of Crisis
  • Ramadan Review – Best Supporting Actors Panel
  • Ramadan Review – The people behind successful TV shows
  • Post Crisis – Planning for the new normal
  • Media Strategy trends
  • Support initiatives during COVID19 / Entertainment, and giving back to the community.
  • “Innovation & Creativity the way to go in all strategies
  • Online Streaming habits, trends, challenges & stats. Building content for online streaming challenges.
  • Economic indicators Post COVID
  • Fetch – the new normal – research
  • Data Intelligence Efficiency
  • How to Optimize Data and Analytics Investments to Achieve Business Value
  • How to design creative office for agencies post-pandemic
  • Upgrade from Basic by VML
  • Creating a connected brand
  • Eight recession-proofing tips to survive and thrive in a COVID-19-induced downturn and beyond
  • How to Communicate and Lead in a Crisis
  • Content tactics: get hooked or get lost
During these six years, can you mention the remarkable changes the summit did achieve?

Creative Industry Summit has evolved to become a trusted platform for showcasing all the new ideas out there. We are often told that we the one conference the professionals wait for to network, learn, get inspired, and also discuss new business opportunities with their peers. It has also become for many young creatives a place where they can get exposure and connect with the gurus and masterminds in the different fields. In other words, the Creative Industry Summit has become a platform where all great minds across sectors seek to join to showcase their work, network, and in many cases start new business opportunities.

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Who are the official speakers this year?
  • Sir Martin Sorrell – Currently Executive Chairman at S4 Capital – Founder of WPP, UK
  • Rob Riley – Global Creative Chairman – McCann Worldgroup, USA
  • Jeff Danley, Director, Innovation & eSports, VMLY&R, USA
  • Maha Abo El Enien – Chief Value Officer for Gary Vaynerchuk & EVP of Business Development  | Entrepreneur | Founder of Organizational Consultants |  Founder of Digital And Savvy | Host, SavvyTalk Podcast
  • Jeffrey Nicholson CEO Tracer, USA
  • Imaad Ahmed, Head of WARC Advisory, EMEA, UK
  • Nihal Abd El Aziz – General Manager, Magna Cairo, Egypt
  • Khaled Ismail, PHD, Founder and Chairman of Himangel
  • Heba Hosny Business Director, Wunderman Thompson, Egypt
  • Heba Arafa, Head of Brand & Communications, Vodafone, Egypt
  • Mohamed Fouad ECD, Wunderman Thompson, Egypt
  • Mohamed Zayat, Director, Egypt
  • Mazen Yassen, Just a GoProe
  • Samer Wagdy, CEO, GB Arena
  • Ahmed Abu Elhaz, Founder, Shezlong
  • Tarek Nour, Founder, OTO
How did the Creative Industry Summit affect the public sector?

Through inviting pioneers and business leaders from across the globe the Creative Industry Summit has helped in decreasing the gap between the field’s leading figures across sectors and the younger generation. In addition to serving in a clearer understanding of how creativity and innovation can serve different industries and can drive businesses forward.

Last year, you surprised us with Mohamed Ramadan as a guest speaker. So is there anyone we should look forward to this year?

Creative Industry Summit manages to always bring the top-notch, prominent figures in the field to give us insights, lessons learned, and much more. Throughout the past editions, we have managed to bring over 300 speakers from Egypt, MENA & across the globe who have helped inspire our attendees across the years.

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In this context, Sir Martin Sorrell Founder of WPP is a global star joining us. Rob Riley is also among the best when it comes to creatives in the globe.  Jeff Danely’s lasts work turned all the heads in Cannes Lions last year and was the talk of the festival with the innovative campaign solution for Wendys. I believe those three are a great addition to our speaker list, and we have many more great speakers to announce soon. Stay tuned for more surprises!

How can people register online?

They can register online through this link;

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What is Mai’s opinion as a business owner on Covid-19’s impact on the economy? How do you think it will change businesses? And what is your advice for them to survive this crisis?

I think that as bad as it is right now for all of us, and as down as we all are, we must find the silver lining, we must persevere and not give in to it at all. The silver lining here is it has driven us to venture into new solutions and technologies, hence C—S | Virtual Edition. And this allowed us also to host some of the strongest speaker lists yet who would not have been easy to take time off and fly to Egypt. Business-wise, well, I am sure you understand when I tell you that the event industry is dead for the time being but we are finding other solutions and adapting in order to survive till life goes back to normal.

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