EntertainmentThese 3 Egyptian Books Will Definitely Take Your Mind off Corona Virus!

You'll watch the sunrise in Shally and touch spikes of wheat in El-Menya. But most of all you'll know that we're truly amazing creatures and that there's more to our stories than fear.
Zahra TarekJuly 7, 202057727 min

Everybody knows that life can be stressful sometimes, but the post-corona-virus world took distress, tension, and anxiety to a whole new level. We became scared for our life and business and everything else almost all the time. So, here we’re offering you Egyptian books that hopefully can help ease your mind even if it’s for a few hours.

1. Erth Al-Hekaya  / Nesma Joelly

Inspired by the sense of freedom and hoping for a better country that the 25 January Revolution caused, Nesma Joelly, decides to go on an extraordinary journey to discover Egypt, visiting eight governorates in one year.


Joelly is a unique storyteller, who believes that people, houses, roads, and strangers in trains have a story.  In her book, you shall find stories of Egypt that will make you wonder; how we are extremely different from each other and also how we’re all the same! How Egypt is a mixture of lots of things but mostly kindness.

With pictures she put in her book, and her exquisite writing, you won’t find it hard to imagine being her traveling companion. You’ll watch the sunrise in Shally and touch spikes of wheat in El-Menya, but most of all, you’ll know that we’re truly amazing creatures, and that there’s more to our stories than fear.

2. Snay’iet Masr / Omar Taher

Did you ever think about why Cleopatra Cigarettes was named that? Or how was Coca-Cola first produced in Egypt? In his book, Omar Taher introduces to us scenes of Egypt’s history that you don’t realize how magical and important they are until you read about it. Taher gives credit to people that, somehow, made us who we are today. Some of those aren’t even Egyptians! Like Sednaoui, the most fashionable go-to Egyptian clothing brand for decades.

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One way or another you will easily find yourself relating to this book regardless of your age. And next time you hear people joking about Cleopatra Cigarettes, you’ll certainly know there’s a greater story behind the name.

3. Fe Athar Enayat Al-Zayat / Iman Mersal

Virginia Woolf is an English writing icon, just as what Enayat Al-Zayat could’ve been.  We can describe this book as an exceptionally personal investigative journey, in which we follow the ghost of  Enayat Al-Zayat, a female writer who wrote only one novel and then committed suicide in 1963.

Though that can come off as depressing, it’s most definitely not. As we start this journey looking for the real reasons behind this woman’s mysterious suicide, we’ll end up wanting to know more about her and the “Golden Era” life.

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We’ll know the burden Nadia Lotfy (the actress) carried for a long time, and the suffering many women had to endure for years to get a divorce. We’ll also know that sometimes a simple unintended mistake or a complete coincidence can change entire lives. This book is totally an adventure for brave, curious, and dreamy hearts.


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