TravelTravel Blogger Collin Rodefer Made it to Egypt and His Videos are Simply Amazing!

Though shopping is indeed pretty exhausting, we can't say the same in Collin's case.
Zahra TarekJuly 9, 20206 min

There’re lots of YouTubers whose content is all about traveling to different countries and sharing their experience with their audience about the amazing things they see. Collin Abroadcast YouTube Channel is the same except that Collin focuses on fake markets and bazaars. So, when he decided it’s time to visit Egypt, we couldn’t resist watching his video.

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Collin started his journey in our old-but-gold famous Bazaar Khan El-Khalili, where all of your shopping fantasies come true. And it’s only fair to say that the guy went through all of the traditional Egyptian buying processes successfully like a bro. His negotiation skills are nearly as good as Egyptian mothers.

Being surrounded all the time by charming people welcoming him to the country and others inviting him to their shops, he decided that his first purchase would be a Louis Vuitton bag. A fake one of course, which the seller nevertheless wanted 620EGP for!

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Yes, we all know this’s way too expensive. But guess who else knows that? It’s our guy, Collin. So, without further introduction and after a surprisingly not-so-long bargain, he got it for 250EGP. Keeping in mind that he started with 620EGP, it’s definitely a successful purchase.

Other than that bag, He managed to get himself an elegant black watch for 300EGP. This came after the shop owner told him frustratingly that “my name is Mohamed, not Alibaba”. And aside from the fact that this could be the quote of the year, Collin also made a kind of good purchase. In Downtown, he bought himself some shirts without much negotiation because of the noticeable average prices.

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Though shopping is indeed pretty exhausting, we can’t say the same in Collin’s case. It was quite amusing watching how people were truly friendly. We mean shop owners were actually funny, even when they tried to scam him. Above that, we now know for sure that if we don’t like the price, we should never lose hope to get a better deal.

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