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These initiatives by such brands don’t only represent a sales increase, but also it’s considered a kind of social responsibility. 
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It’s very obvious that the widespread of coronavirus has badly affected many businesses. Due to this pandemic, so many people were cut off from work and others living with half salaries, and with being locked down at homes, people tend to buy only their essentials. Some brands majorly suffered and had to shut down, while others decided to work smarter rather than harder. These brands did some modifications to provide their customers with products that fit the new era and decided to sell besides their main products, other products that will help people in their fight against coronavirus. At the beginning of corona widespread, there was a real shortage in face masks, sanitizers, and other disinfectants. With this in mind, let’s check how some brands adapted to the new market to kept the wheel running: 

Eva Cosmetics

from: Eva Cosmetics

Eva, one of the authentic Egyptian cosmetics brands, has produced a very affordable hand sanitizer that contains 70%  ethyl alcohol.  Eva hand sanitizers are available for online orders through their website and at most supermarkets. Then the new product became available almost everywhere for anyone to buy. 


from: Nefertari 

Nefertari, which is an Egyptian brand for natural body and hair products, has taken the same initiative as well. They produced hand sanitizer and ethyl alcohol bottles right after the pandemic started to spread in Egypt. As Nefertari is originally a body care brand, its sanitizers come with aloe vera, lavender essential oil, and vitamin E to add some moisture and prevent dryness. Moreover, Nefertari added glycerin and vitamin E to the alcohol bottles for the same purpose. They are available for sale at all their stores and for online shopping as well. 


from: Nefertari


from: Avuva

In the same fashion, Avuva, an Egyptian brand for women’s body care and personal hygiene products, launched sanitizers on the market. Likewise, their hand sanitizers contain moisturizing substances, so it takes care of people’s skin on long usage. 


from: Bubblzz

On the same bandwagon, Bubblzz, which is a similar brand that is known for its natural heavenly smelling shampoo and bathbombs, has been one of the first brands that lead the initiatives of providing people with disinfectants. Similarly, Bubblzz provides its new products both online and offline. 

Raw African

from: Raw African

Raw African hair and skincare local brand gave their sanitizers as gifts on different orders. This is really a nice marketing trick which is helped customers in the corona time as well. 


from: Essentials

Last but not least, a local cosmetics brand called Essentials provided customers with both hand sanitizers and antiseptic liquid at different sizes and prices. 

On the other hand, some other local brands that are more into fashion decided to play their own way. They launched new reusable face masks that can be washed, sanitized, and worn again. These reusable masks protect people from getting infected, and at the same time will help people save money spent on many disposable ones. Here are some of the brands:  Examples of these brands are Nine and Beyond ( maternity fashion brand) cottonil ( underwear brand), Up-fuse (environment-friendly bags brands) and Sigma Fit (sportswear brand)

NG Anis

Via Ng Anis

Nine & Beyond



from: Up- Fuse

Sigma Fit

from: Sigma Fit Egypt

Furthermore, YG Pieces is a jewelry brand that has come up with a very unique product. A hook with a special design that can help anyone avoid holding objects or touching different surfaces that might be infected with the coronavirus. This hook is very functional; as you can use for daily outdoor activities such as opening a door, clicking on an elevator button, holding a shopping bag. 

from: YG Pieces

Finally, I don’t want to forget mentioning the traditional Three Fives Cologne, which made a great come back into the market and archived millions of pounds sales. This all because of the fact they contain 70% ethyl alcohol. Well, who would have imagined that this ancient bottle will make this comeback? 

from: Facebook

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