HealthCOVID-19 Takes the Lives of 40 People in Saudi Arabia but Number of Infections Goes Down!

Are you doing what you should be doing to help flatten the curve?

COVID-19 has been spreading rapidly in the whole world, especially in the Middle East. Sadly, the numbers have been increasing drastically and as the numbers increase the death toll also increases. So in a sad, sad piece of news, Saudi Arabia announced 40 more deaths from COVID-19, however, the Kingdom’s government just announced that the number of infections is decreasing.

Saudi Arabia

Unlike most countries in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia has been taking extra precautions in order to halt, or decrease, the spread rate of the virus via imposing curfews and closing up literally all the restaurants and cafes to avoid the gatherings of large groups of people. That was until they decided to lift off everything and allow life to get back to normal.

We sure do hope that you guys are staying safe and keeping the distance!

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