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here must be a trending topic to cause everyone’s timeline with generated memes, and the thing is we won’t just drop a one-liner and that’s it; we would spend our time and effort in making collages to better present our impression.
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Ancient Egyptians sanctified humor, they were the first to use sarcasm as a way to face reality and express themselves. It’s said that they believed the world was made out of laughter; as when the Great God cracked a laugh, the seven heavens were created, when he cracked another one, there was light, the third one made water, and then the last invented the soul. This actually explains why Egyptians are known for their sense of humor; it’s in our blood. It’s our number one trait to escape reality by making fun out of a baffling situation to help ease the stress and endure the tough events.

Just think about it, what’s the first thing you run to when having a bad day? How many times did you hold tight to your Facebook feed when in a weary kind of mood? No one can deny memes do soothe our misery to some extent, you may even find yourself LOLling after that hilarious post that changed your mood 180 degrees. Thanks to our superpower, we can generate sarcasm about literally anything; political issues, international matters, remarkable situations of a certain celebrity, and the list goes on. There must be a trending topic to cause everyone’s timeline with generated memes, and the thing is we won’t just drop a one-liner and that’s it; we would spend our time and effort in making collages to better present our impression. So, without further ado, let’s check some of the memes that were created out of the hot topics on the internet during the past few weeks:

The Will Smith Marriage Drama

Despite it having nothing to do with Egyptians, they still chose to show their feelings of empathy for their beloved Hollywood Actor, Will Smith through funny posts by wishing the worst to his wife who confessed cheating on him for 4 years. In a glimpse of an eye, it opened a can of memes on
every social media platform used by Egyptians and Arabic memes were all over the internet.

Over 30k tweets were generated in a short time to rank the hashtag # ویل_سمیث as number 8 in Egypt according to getdaytrends.com. How can we waste such a matter and not make meme material out of it? As you scroll, you realize how dear Smith is to Egyptians, that they want to take revenge on his wife saying she doesn’t deserve him. A witty joke was also made by some men showing how Egyptian women always regard them as cheaters when it’s in women’s blood too. As for women, it was more like “Egyptian men are in tune with Smith’s feelings when most of them date 7 girls at a time”, and man, let THAT sink in. It’s even funnier how businesses engage to market their goods, just like how Pizza El Sultan posted a picture of their most selling dessert as a method to console Smith for the betrayal he had to experience. Well, that’s Smart!

The Reopening of Cafes and Restaurants With 25% Capacity


We all know how our stay at home the last period of time made us miss the outer world and spending time around other people, which resulted in the outburst of comments on the PM’s decision of easing some of the COVID-19 restrictions.

Long before the end of Madbouli’s press conference, people had already started the comedy about how they imagined the process of selecting those 25% would go.


They came up with imaginary criteria and qualifications for the privileged portion that will get to have a seat back in the cafes. Some even tried to let coffee shop owners know they are willing to pay for those pricey items on the menu if this will increase their chance of being the chosen ones. Another reason to fall in love with this hysterical country that wakes up like “Good morning, world! Your little ray of sarcastic sunshine has arrived.”

Signs About WWIII in Early 2020

This year kicked in with some clear marks that could let some predict a third world war in 2020, especially after the assassination of Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani by an American drone strike on the 3rd of January.

As a result, the hashtag # الحرب_العالمیة_التالتة ranked number 4 in Egypt by the 5th of January with 16.1k tweets. Since a war would probably mean the end of the world, people started venting about the things they would love to do in the form of comics before the war strikes and it would be too late.


Most of the jokes were in the sense of coming out to one’s crush and finally admitting they like them so they can go on a date before such a disaster. A different line was the support to the Egyptian Military in case we had to be involved, and how we were preparing through condensed sessions of Pubg to train and be ready for the enemy.

This made everyone get the feeling of peace amidst all threatening situations; behind these funny sayings, there was a message of comfort and contribution to our nation that if this is happening, we are all in this together, and that we respect our army men, and this was our way of showing it.


Our legacy is something to brag about, humor is a trait we are proud to embrace. It has always been our main coping mechanism to face daily life difficulties. It’s awesome to be remembered as a nation of funniness among the world, one stereotype that would not really irritate us. So, the next time it’s gloomy, go check out memes. Probably even share them with a friend to make their day better and spread some gaiety.

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