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What a lot of people seem to not recognize is that it's not a war against Hijab or Burkini.
Zahra TarekJuly 24, 2020

We’re in July already, yet this year never seems to fail us when it comes to disastrous incidents and human ugliness. In case you’ve been off social media that past week then bravo you’ve saved yourself a lot of drama, but then you so need to know what happened from the very start. And that’s what we’re here for. So, it all started when this post went viral:

This Hijabi lady was sharing her anger-triggering story about what she faced when she went swimming in her burkini. A not-so-respectful owner ordered the pool guard to bring her out and they did. Unfortunately my dears this is not even the worst part. Because guess what! When that lady complained to the management, they said that the owners signed on a contract that stated to not allow veiled women in the pool! And that this wasn’t even the first incident.

A lot of comments were supporting and apologizing to the woman. But there were, of course, this kind of how-and-when-did-we-get-this-low comments:


After the original post with its comments went viral, women began to share their horrifying experiences with La Vista and other places in Egypt where they got bullied because of their Hijab:


via: standforhijab

It was just a matter of days when the thing turned into an online Burkini VS Bikini war. And some women started to share their pro-burkini opinions which let me tell you were not that thrilling:

So what the first lady went through is disgraceful and outrageous, period. It can’t be justified by any reason nor explained. And while we’re talking about this, it must be mentioned that the Egyptian Tourism Federation announced that Burkinis are allowed everywhere. This means that we should actually hope to see a lawsuit against La Vista for openly violating this rule. Boy, what I’d pay to see this.

After clearly stating that I’ve to say that some of the pro-burkini comments weren’t also so gracious. It’s terrifying that no one sees a problem in bullying and de-respecting ladies who wear a bikini as a “natural” response to the incident. What a lot of people seem to not recognize is that it’s not a war against Hijab or Burkini. Guys, it’s not even about Burkini!



Allow me to break this down for you please. If it’s not about burkini then what is it about? You ask. Well, it’s about women in general and what women from certain social classes should and shouldn’t wear in certain places. Bikini or Burkini, women, it’s your choice and your choice only. We shouldn’t be hating, judging, and bullying one another because of what we’re wearing. It’s the system and people who tell us what we can and can’t wear who we should be angry about. And before arguing with that please ask yourself can you recall any time where a man was bullied, nagged, or looked differently at because of his swimsuit? Was he told this color or design is too-old or too-young for you? The answer is no and no.

Via Stocksy United

If this COVID-19 chaos should teach us anything then it’d be letting go. It’s time we let go of our prejudices, privileges, and accept each other. We’re and will always be so different, but we’re in this together. Instead of pointing out what the other person is doing differently to make ourselves feel better maybe we should remember that our time on earth turned out to be unguaranteed. So just let go and enjoy for god’s sake.

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