TravelFirst Pilgrims Arrive to Mekkah for Hajj for the Year 2020

May Allah accept all their good deeds and forgive all the bad!

After a long-anticipated wait of whether or not Muslims will be able to perform Hajj or not due to the extreme lockdown on Mekkah, the first pilgrims just arrived in the holy city. The city has been on lockdown by the kingdom’s officials, with nobody going in or out, since the Coronavirus virus outbreak, fearing that the city might be a hub of the virus to spread fast.

First Pilgrims Arrive to Mekkah for Hajj for the Year 2020
Via Middle East Online

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s event is limited to about 1,000 pilgrims, all from inside Saudi Arabia, about 700 of whom are expatriates.

The country has recently allowed Hajj given the circumstances but officially announced that it will be done under very strict conditions and limited to only a few numbers of people. They also announced that no local officials will be allowed to perform.

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