Health8 Habits of Wasting Water That We Egyptians Are Guilty Of, and How to Change Them!

This is a common mistake we make as Egyptians, we leave the tap water running while washing dishes even if we don't need it.
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We all know the current problem of the Nile Dam that Ethiopia wants to build on the Blue Nile, and there are sayings that it has already started building it, which will immensely affect the main source of water in Egypt: the Nile River, as the Blue Nile water represents 85% of the total Nile River water. So could you imagine the extent of the real crisis that could happen, and the amount of water we receive?

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While we are waiting for the current negotiations to somehow limit the damage that might happen, every individual is now responsible for exercising caution and being considerate of every drop of water. With some tweaks in our daily habits and some changes, we can help in eliminating water waste.  Let’s see some of the wrong habits that waste water, and how to deal with it:

Opening the Tap to the Max

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This leads to wasting a large amount of water, while most of us believe that when we open the tap to the max, we will speed our washing time and save water. This is not true, and it actually wastes much more water. Just open the tap on the medium, when you need it, and when it’s a quick wash, use it on the low. Also, there is no need to keep the water running when you’re washing your hands. Just turn the tap off when you’re scrubbing your hands and open it to rinse off the soap.

Spending a Long Time in the Shower

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Believe me, spending an hour or more in the shower is not a condition to be completely clean, this is a common mistake for most of us! You can take a shower in 10 minutes and become very clean, so there is no need to waste water, especially in the current circumstances. According to Washington-post, for a standard showerhead, every minute wastes about 2.5 gallons of water, so can you imagine the amount of water wasted in your daily shower?

Turn off the Water While Doing Ablution

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Ablution can be another way to waste so much water. When we move from washing the right foot to the left foot, most of us leave the water open and this wastes water, especially if done 5 times a day. It’s all about these little behaviors that we didn’t notice before, that if we fixed, we can save a whole amount of wasted water that is much needed.

Leaving the Tap Open While Washing Dishes

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This is a common mistake we make as Egyptians! We leave the tap water running while washing dishes even if we don’t need it, which causes a huge waste of water, probably up to 15 to 20 gallons of water. Can you even imagine the amount of water wasted in every household that uses this way to clean dishes? Instead, you can start by adding a low flow faucet that restricts the water flow a bit. They are available online or you can have it from your nearest plumbing shop. Another mistake we make is adding too much detergent that needs extra water to rinse off.  Just use the amount advised on the bottle. An additional tip is to turn the tap off while scrubbing all the plates, then fill the sink with water, close the plug and rinse a group of dishes together, try to change the water only when it becomes very soapy.

Opening the Tap for a Long Time While Washing
Vegetables and Fruits

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Again, we as Egyptians leave the water open for vegetables and fruits for a long time, on the pretext that this will guarantee its cleanse, and with the whole coronavirus paranoia, some spend even longer time to wash each and every fruit and vegetable. Instead of letting the water run for 2-5 minutes on your fresh produce, just fill two pots with water, one for soaking, and one for rinsing. Soaking your produce will guarantee that it’s thoroughly getting cleaned, and then rinsing it in another clean pot will finish it off right. Don’t throw this water if you have plants around your house or garden, simply use the water you used in this process to water your plants.

Leaving the Tap Open While Washing Teeth

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Most of us leave the tap open while brushing teeth, but why? If you think about it, you can go off with only a cub of water to wet your toothbrush, brush your teeth, and rinse off the toothpaste. Moreover, you can just turn off the tap and wash your teeth as you like, then open it to wash your mouth, it’s just that simple.

Using Water Hoses to Wash Cars

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This habit is one of the bad habits that are massively wasting water. Unfortunately, it’s widespread in Egypt, where it has become common to see the person holding the hose and washing the car until the water becomes everywhere under the car and around it! It’s a real a crime, that is why according to El Masry Al Yom, the Egyptian government said that whoever does this, will pay a fine of 20,000 pounds. Instead of wasting this amount of water, just fill a water bucket or two, and grab a towel to clean your car.

Leaving Water Leaks Unfixed

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It’s a mistake that everyone has been guilty of. If you go around your house, you’ll find a tap, a pipe, or a toilet that is probably leaking, and you just don’t have time to get it fixed. Try to make it a priority to get these leaks fixed as soon as possible, as it’s probably doing you more harm than good in the long run. A quick way to know if your toilet leaks, is to put some food coloring in the water tank of the toilet, and wait for a few minutes, if you see the coloring in the toilet bowl then this means you’re having a leak that needs to be fixed.

Additional Tips:

-Did you know that flushing the toilet is one of the biggest water wasters in your home? That’s why you have to stop using the toilet as a bin for cigarette butts, garbage, or tissues. It also adds an extra load on the sewage system.

-Put a plastic bottle filled with stones in the water tank. This will take some space but will leave enough water for flushing the toilet.

-When doing laundry, match the water level to the amount of clothes you are washing, and preferably only use the washing machine when you have a full load. This will save you both water, detergent, and electricity.


So, how many of these habits are you guilty of doing? Our guess is that at least you do 3 of them if not the eight, just like the rest of us! Well, it’s never too late to change a habit, especially when it comes to wasting water during this time.

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