Health7 Common Misconceptions About Yoga That People Need to Ditch

How many times have you told someone that yoga gives you activity and vitality, and they didn't believe you because they think yoga is all about meditation and that they find it boring?
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2020 is no doubt one of the toughest years we’ve ever seen, and with the current situation and after being quarantined for enough time to lose part of our brains, many of us have started taking refuge in different sorts of stuff, from starting Netflix marathons, flying kites, to working out at home and practicing some yoga. However, when it comes to yoga, even though there are plenty of well-known benefits of this practice, there are many misconceptions as well, be it “you have to be flexible to practice yoga” to “yoga is a light workout that doesn’t burn calories.” So, if you want to consider yoga but you are unsure, check out these most common misconceptions about Yoga below:

Yoga is a Class for Relaxation and Meditation Only

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How many times have you told someone that yoga gives you activity and vitality, and they didn’t believe you because they think yoga is all about meditation and that they find it boring? Yes, yoga is comfortable for the nerves, but a yoga class often requires a lot of exercise, effort, discipline, and patience. As a result of this effort, tension, psychological pressures, and nerves subside, yoga can be practiced as a sport, not just as a way to relax.

You Have to Be Interested in Energy Science to Be a Yogi

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Not everyone who practices yoga is interested in how to find the balance of the Seven Chakras. It is true that this may be a concern for some and a reason for their practicing yoga, and that there are types of yoga dedicated to that. But if you practice yoga for a purely physical reason, you are not alone. There are many who practice yoga without ever knowing those energy issues. So to be interested in energy science isn’t a condition to be a Yogi.

Physical Flexibility is a Must to Be Able to Do Yoga


Many people steer away from practicing yoga because of this common misconception. People should know that they can do yoga without physical flexibility, and that practicing yoga will actually improve your flexibility and help you go beyond your usual range of motion, so you will feel more comfortable during your normal daily activities.

Yoga is for Women Only

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This is one of the biggest misconceptions! If you read about the history of yoga, you will be surprised that it was almost monopolized by men! So how come that it is now for women only? Yoga for all people, whether they are men or women. So , please gentlemen, don’t feel awkward if you like practicing yoga, okay? yoga is for all of us.

Those Who Practice Yoga Have to be Vegetarians or Following a Specific Diet

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To follow a specific diet to take care of your health is a good thing, but it has nothing to do with yoga. There are many yoga instructors who enjoy eating burgers or junk food from time to time. It may happen that some yoga instructors are vegetarians, but that is their personal choice and yoga doesn’t force them to do . So, don’t worry, you can enjoy your Big Mac with the Tasty sauce, and also do yoga.


Yoga is a Hindu Practice Opposes the Teachings of Our Religion 

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The Hindu origins of yoga have made some conservatives of other religions, including Muslims, shy away from it for fear of its religious influence on them. Believing that yoga can influence their religion or go against its teachings. But this is totally wrong, and Sadhguru, the Indian Yogi, and Author corrected it by saying: “Hindu yoga is just as gravity is Christian. Does the fact that earth’s gravity was discovered by Isaac Newton, who lived in a Christian culture, makes Earth’s gravity a Christian concept? Of course not, and so is yoga. Yoga is a science for anyone that benefits from it. It was classified as a Hindu practice by some ignorant because this science originated in Hindu culture. “

I have to be “Good” at Yoga to Practice it

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In a yoga class, there is no such thing as a good person and a bad person. Everyone has their own properties and abilities. If your body takes a while to get used to yoga, this does not make you bad at yoga, on the contrary, you will be a perfect yogi. Everything comes with training. So, do not look at the trainers or the trained and disappoint yourself because they do exercises that you cannot do. In the world of yoga, focus on yourself only. Each of us has a strength that no one else has. Yoga is for everyone, and everyone can do it.

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