WorldCoronavirus Killed Summer 2020, However It’s Not Too Late!

Well, if you think about it, it's the ideal time to start bonding with your beloved ones and appreciate the things you have taken for granted.
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Summer vacation comes after many months of diligence and effort of either working or studying, and it’s when we plan our leisure and getaway plans. It’s this time of the year where Thanawaya Amma students finally get out of their hell, and everyone gets to have a break, the beaches are always filled to the fullest, gym bodies get finally revealed, and summer tans become the best color you can wear! Well, 2020 has proven to be the year where everything is different, and this Summer season is definitely not all about what we’ve mentioned above.

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When we asked some people about how they will spend their Summer holiday, Mona Ahmed, 23 years, answered ” our family won’t go anywhere because of coronavirus, so we are staying at home to be safe,” while Ahmed Mostafa, 24 years, said, “beaches are not safe for people because they are so crowded, and it’s definitely not a place to visit during this epidemic.”

While people are not all excited about beaches, it actually gave our mother nature some time to breathe. A large number of seabirds flocked to the shores of the Red Sea, especially the marine islands, as a result of quarantine, which halted marine activities on beaches as well as the departure of foreign tourists. The Infectious Disease Specialist at Columbia University, Daniel Griffin, believes that visiting the beach itself not a bad thing, it can be safe and enjoyable, but he added: “The challenge is to limit the number of people on the beach and to exercise social spacing. Also, beachgoers must wear masks if they are next to other people.”

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So, it’s not a bad idea, but caution must be taken very seriously, especially with the news that there will be a second wave of COVID-19. But what can families do instead of going on a vacation? Some families were highly affected by the coronavirus whether financially, physically, or emotionally. Well, if you think about it, it’s the ideal time to start bonding with your beloved ones and appreciate the things you have taken for granted. Here are some ideas if you have nothing in mind to do:

  • If you have kids, set a time every day to bond with them, by reading, doing an activity, or teaching them a new skill.
  • It’s about time to work out on your body goals and health, especially during this time of coronavirus. Start eating healthier, workout from home, as there are so many workouts available online by gym coaches.
  • You can go for a picnic, that will not cost a fortune if you grab your sandwiches and snacks with you and it will be a safe option in the open air.
  • It’s an opportunity to start doing what you love and work on your forgotten talents and projects.
  • If cooking is your thing, then it’s the perfect opportunity to get in the kitchen and try some new recipes from Youtube. Your family will be happy and you’ll save money and the risk of ordering junk food.
  • Set movie nights, or start a show that you’ve always wanted to watch but had no time.

We know these are just some ideas, but the list can go on for infinity. We know that quarantine is over and not everyone is abiding by the social distancing rules, but this doesn’t make it right! Safety should be everyone’s priority, and if you can keep yourself and your family safe, and at the same time survive this summer with memorable times, then you are a real winner.

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