FashionChatterers Going Local: These 4 Egyptian Brands Are Making the 90s Fashion Cool Again!

Aside from widely known brands, here are 4 Egypt-based vintage stores that bring the ’90s back to life
Shrouq AbouOmarAugust 11, 2020176004 min

Some of our favorite brands lately have been selling out pieces of clothing, inspired by the 90s fashion, and we cannot help but love it! But aside from widely known brands, here are 4 Egypt-based vintage stores that bring the ’90s back to life:

“When you buy a piece of vintage clothing, you’re not just buying fabric and thread – you’re buying a piece of someone’s past.” –Isabel Wolff


Via 90s

A genuinely eccentric thrift shop that makes you question what year it is. Printed shirts, drip-dry jackets, even including accessories like vintage colorful sunglasses; everything you obsessed over in your favorite 90s TV show, you can now possess!

Your Type

Via Yourttype

A “miscellaneous” store that has unique vintage items, collected and delivered to your doorstep. They have the edgiest jackets and coats, so grab your luggage and get ready to take a trip back to the 90s!

Uptown Funk

Via Uptown Funk

Quirky, Alexandria-based, but don’t worry, they deliver everywhere! If you’re into button downshirts, then you’ll be totally hooked. We may be moving forward, but maybe the future is going back in time.

No Boring Clothes


Via No Boring Clothes

From burning roses to Starry Night paintings, you name it! They hand-paint clothing items upon request, with a twist of 90s grunge style. Each item is one of a kind piece of art and is only yours.

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