WorldEgypt Sends 3 Planes Filled with 28 Tons of Food and Medical Aid to Beirut

We sure do hope things get back to normal in Lebanon soon!
Ahmed MansourAugust 15, 20202 min

With the devastating explosion and the people revolting in demand of a better government and a better quality of life; things have certainly taken a wild turn in Lebanon. With an estimated loss of more than 15 billion dollars, the country made it clear to the whole world that they are in dire need of aid.

Egypt Sends 3 Planes Filled with 28 Tons of Food and Medical Aid to Beirut
Via Sky News

Countries from the whole world have shown solidarity with Lebanon by sending aid and assisting in any way they can, and on top of that list is Egypt.

According to Ahram Weekly, Egypt has sent 3 jet planes that are filled with 28 tons of medical aid and food to Lebanon. These three plans are of 12 plans, that will carry a total of 220 tons of aid, that will be sent to Lebanon during the next 2 weeks.

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