LocalBreaking News: Friday Prayers to Return Back to Egyptian Mosques on 28th of August

Makes you feel like things are going back to normal!
Ahmed MansourAugust 19, 20202 min

Now, here’s a piece of news that will certainly make you feel like things in Egypt are getting back to normal after the COVID-19 breakout in the country. The Egyptian government just announced that they will be allowing Friday prayers in mosques starting this weekend.

Breaking News: Friday Prayers to Return Back to Egyptian Mosques this Weekend.

This decision comes after the government decided to steadily and slowly bring things back to normal in the country given how the pandemic has changed almost everything in our lives.

As announced; there will certain regulations that the prayers and mosques administrations have to follow in order to reduce the risk of spreading infections. Also, the prayers will only be held in big mosques, the small ones will not be operating.

Stay tuned on the matter! 

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