SportWill Neymar Be Banned From Champions League Final for Swapping Shirts with Halstenberg?

Well, if he did ... It sure won't make any sense!
Ahmed MansourAugust 19, 20203 min

As PSG has made it to the Champions League final, there’s a huge chance that they will not be playing the match without their star Brazilian player, Neymar. Why, you say? It’s simply because he has swiped shirts with Marcel Halstenberg at the end of the PSG’s match with RB Leipzig. The match that has ended 3-0 for the French team.

I know that sounds like a normal thing to do, right? Why get banned over it? Well, that would be the case if only there was nothing called the Coronavirus. 

What Neymar has done broke UEFA’s coronavirus protocol when he was caught on camera trading his shirt. and UEFA made it extremely clear that such contact with other players is strictly prohibited due to the infectious rate of the virus. Which completely doesn’t make any sense to me honestly.

Dear UEFA; do you know that there is constant contact between players all the time? They sometimes literally break on each other’s necks (not to mention the ball that the goalkeepers and players share all the time for a throw and what not!)

Let’s hope that Neymar makes it to the match because it won’t be that fun to watch without him!

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