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If you are into scrapbooking, planning, decoupaging, or/and making handicrafts, then you are probably always on the hunt on materials to work with that come at reasonable prices.
Summer El-MorallyAugust 20, 20207 min

If you are into scrapbooking, planning, decoupaging, or/and making handicrafts, then you are probably always on the hunt on materials that come at reasonable prices. There are tons of helpful youtube videos about scrapbooking, journaling, and handcrafts, but once you start planning your project and go to the nearest stationery, you’ll be disappointed that most of the materials are not available. Of course, this is not always the case, but thanks to the world of online shopping, now you can have what you need to start your own crafting project or start your new hoppy that won’t cost you a fortune, and we found some online shops that will do that for you, so let’s check them out:


Via Dodo

It’s the first Egyptian brand that creates its own crafting materials and the multi-purpose paper cutter that is a must in every project! They also sell Mod Podge glue, stamps in almost every shape you need, scrapbooking colored paper in various prints, Mica spray colors, decoupage materials, and much more! If you are into the planner business and you want to start making planners, their stuff will definitely make your work much easier!

Art Palace

Via Art Palace


If you love embroidery, then Art Palace is your place to check out. You can find embroidery hoops, threads, tools, and if you are into making those gorgeous vintage looking pendants, they have a wide array of pendant shapes for it. They also have plain caps in every color that you can either put printed or embroidered shapes on them.

Paper & Ink Boutique

Via Paper & Ink Boutique

Just like the name, it’s really about everything that you need when it comes to paper & ink crafts. If you’re looking for paper punches with cute shapes, they have them in plenty, in addition to washi tape, embossing stamps, UV device for resin, stencils, and binding tools!


Via Hobbies

Started in 2009 by 5 crafters, Hobbies is both an online boutique and a gallery shop that carries every handicraft material you need, imported from the USA. If you check their products, you will find it extremely hard to resist all the tempting planning tools, stickers, pens, sticky notes, and little charms! Again, if you are into journaling or planning, then this is your planner heaven!

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