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We hope that Ahmed doesn't let this bring him down by any means and disregard the idea that he is ugly, because no one really is! 
Salma TarekAugust 23, 20207 min

We are in 2020, and there are still sick people who look at your shape and care about it more than your essence and your abilities. These people who practice racism and bullying are constantly harming and destroying humans without any sense of guilt. We’ve been hearing and reading about bullying for the longest time, to the extent that even some mothers are taking Facebook to share how their babies get bullied because of their skin color, hair type, or overall physical look! A very recent incident happened to Ahmed Omar, a young man from Kafr El Sheikh, who took his Facebook account to share his ugly experience while applying for college of Physical Education:

Via Facebook


Via Facebook

As we saw, Ahmed, a young man in full health, who wanted to enroll in the Faculty of Physical Education and went to take the tests, but a member of the Committee did not make him complete the tests, under the pretext that Ahmed’s face is not applicable for entering the faculty.

We totally understand when there are specific features and body shapes required for certain facilities, and they are mostly reasonable, especially when it comes to Police academy or Aviation for example. But the fact that you don’t let someone complete their physical tests just because of their face, which in Ahmed’s case, is very normal, doesn’t make any sense!

Ahmed’s post garnered so much attention, as Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education, has directed that urgent investigations be conducted in Ahmed’s case. The Faculty of Physical Education at Kafr El Sheikh University published on its official Facebook page response and commentary by Dr. Abdel Halim Okasha, Dean of the College, to the incident asserting that the Faculties of Physical Education in the Arab Republic of Egypt have controls and conditions for joining them. Therefore, the student is subject to capacity tests, which are conducted through several specialized committees according to the vision and strategy of the Ministry of Higher Education.

He added, “As for what happened to our dear son, Ahmed Gharib Muhammad Kamel Omar, he missed one of the conditions for admission to the college in one of the specialized committees, which is the strength committee, and this does not mean that with this description he describes himself at all and it is possible to be creative Very distinguished and very distinguished when he joined any theoretical college other than the College of Physical Education. ” The Dean of the faculty continued: “We are never at all satisfied that any student is insulted at all, with evidence that one of the specialized professors in the committee itself spoke with the student privately and closely due to his psychological consideration and explained to him the reason for not being accepted, due to the humanitarian aspects that understood the opposite of what he intended. Completely from them. ” 

Well, even if there are some conditions needed in the faculty of Physical Education, it could have been handled in another way, and at least there should be a refund in the application fees! We hope that Ahmed doesn’t let this bring him down by any means and disregard the idea that he is ugly, because no one really is!

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