LifestyleLooking to Adopt a Dog in Cairo? Then These Facebook Groups is the Way to Go!

Adopt, Don't Shop!
Ahmed MansourAugust 24, 202010 min

If you give this matter around a two seconds thought, you’d realize that there are plenty of cats and dogs that are in need of a home here in Egypt. I don’t know if this falls down to commitment issues or maybe how expensive it is to raise a pet, but many people tend to throw away their pets leaving them stranded on the streets with no food or drink!

So, if you ever decided to do, what I personally believe everyone should do, and adopt a dog or a cat then these Facebook groups are the ones you should join:

Dogs and Cats for Adoption in Egypt

Looking to Adopt a Dog? Then These Facebook Groups are Your Way to go!

It’s not the biggest out there, but I certainly do love the people. They are extremely interactive and whatever question you might have, they will answer! Yes, of course, you’ll find some negative comments every now and then, but you’ll certainly fall in love with the people there.

Dogs For Adoption In Egypt/ كلاب للتبني (Well Breeding)

Looking to Adopt a Dog? Then These Facebook Groups are Your Way to go!

The reason you’ll fall in love with this group is not only because the people on it are also interactive and helpful. I think it’s the only group in Egypt that is specified to adopting high-quality breeds. Don’t get me wrong, Baladi dogs are as good as all breeds come, but if you’re used to a certain breed (like myself; I’m a huge fan of German Shepard dogs) you’ll probably find someone there looking for a home for his pup!

Beverly Hills Egypt Dog Owners

Looking to Adopt a Dog? Then These Facebook Groups are Your Way to go!

As much as they do put up dogs for adoption, I do not really consider this group as an “adoption page”, however, I’d certainly call it a community. If you happen to live in Sheikh Zayed, they do have this Friday Walks that are simply AMAZING. The vibes are nourishing and if you happen to already own a pup, then you most certainly should join them!

This is one of the classics. They have been around for quite some time now and they’re considered to be one of the best. Yet again, the people are helpful and extremely dedicated. But what makes it stand out from the rest is that it’s not only about adoption, but it’s also about helping animals of all kinds. Some people post about animals in distress and many HEROS go out to the rescue!

Unleashed Rescue for Stray Dogs in Egypt

#UnleashedStar Gameela hopes everyone has a lovely day 😍

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Posted by Unleashed Rescue for Stray Dogs in Egypt on Thursday, August 20, 2020

This one is the “underdog” of shelters in Egypt, However, they require your help just as much! We did write about them before (you can click here for the article). They always try to create the perfect environment for the stray dogs they have over there, given the capabilities that they have. You certainly cannot go wrong with adopting a dog from a shelter.

Honorary Mentions:

Paws Lounge 

Mira Gamal Shelter for Animals Rights

Animal Protection Foundation No. 5630

ESMA ‘Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals’

Adopt, Don’t Shop!  

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