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Do you ever feel like you're on survival mood, going to and from work every single day, spending hours in the office just to get a task or two done?
Shrouq AbouOmarAugust 27, 20207 min

Do you ever feel like you’re on survival mood, going to and from work every single day, spending hours in the office just to get a task or two done, not to mention the traffic? At some point in your day, you fantasize about having the luxury of working remotely, on a coast city by the sea. Well, we’ve all been there.


Every year, we come across several start-ups and small companies launching, especially in the big city, however, believe me when I tell you, this one is special. Yellov is a newly-launched commune, based in Dahab, Sinai. The reason behind it is the feeling of love and belonging the founder holds for Sinai, and his desire to share the experiences he went through with others, with the purpose of work always in the background and the goal of achieving a task. They even finalized projects for some of the most famous entities in Dahab, some of which you probably know, even if you’ve never visited the city, like Everyday Café, Friends Restaurant and Café, Bedouin Divers, Sky Rock, and others.

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The project was founded by Bassem Sameh, who you can call a multi-talent. I mean, come on, the man, in only a few years, worked several jobs we would only do over 10 years, probably even never. From event planning when he was only 19, hosting one of the biggest concerts in Alexandria in 2013, to advertising and digital media content creation, even movie production, video-editing, and copywriting. In 2016, Bassem stayed in Dahab for 4 months selling social media plans to corporates. As someone who grew up in Alexandria, leaving Dahab was quite a tough one, and the aspiration to go back always lingered in the back of his mind. Accordingly, he did, with a plan to offer much more than social media plans.

Yellov as a project holds no permanent employees (remember when I told you it’s a special one?). How things work is; talented creatives are –temporarily- hired for certain projects, that’s when they stay in Dahab for as long as the project requires. The stay is usually for as long as 7 days, including 4 days of work and 3 off days for the fun of it. However, if you’re only interested in the work, the program will be paid upon negotiation regarding the project itself.

The stay is fully covered by Yellov in regards of food and accommodation, in return of the work, as well as an optional course in diving, scuba diving, kite surfing, rock climbing, and other skills you probably will never learn in a busy city, to obtain the main goal behind Yellov, allowing people to get enchanted by the blue sea and golden desert of Sinai.

Who Yellov is looking for are what they call “talents”. Those who love what they do and are good at it, including; photographers, copywriters, content creators, video-editors, web developers, and more, offering services in all mentioned fields. We believe that Yellov is mainly about building a community with a greater purpose than the everyday-Cairo-work-cycle.

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