HealthAlleged Sexual Harasser Bassem Samir Denies All Allegations Circulating About Him!

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Baher HeneinAugust 29, 20201031588 min

In response to his victims’ claims, Dr. Bassem Samir has made a statement on his official Facebook account denying all he has been charged with. He mentioned how these “attempts of blackmail and misleading news that have no connection with reality” have undermined his reputation and professional career.

Alleged Sexual Harasser Bassem Samir Denies All Allegations Circulating About Him!

In his post, Samir says these are all efforts to defame him and harm his family accompanied by fabricated evidence, which is “a clear violation to the law”. Accordingly, Samir confirmed that all necessary legal procedures have been taken and submitted to the authorities to face this planned, despicable plan of taking him down.

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حيث تعرضت في الفترة الماضية لمحاولات ابتزاز وتهديدات عديدة بلغت خستها لحد نشر افتراءات مكذوبة ومضللة لا تمت…

Posted by Dr. Bassem Samir Clinics on Friday, August 28, 2020

To wrap it up, the announcement confidently expressed not only trust in Egypt’s judiciary system to do justice and prove Samir’s innocence but to also punish whoever contributed to such allegations.

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