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Act as if you are really going to work, so unless you are very lucky, and you are allowed to wear pajamas randomly in the office, do some effort and change your sleep attire to start the day.
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2020, this year we learned that we must always be ready for any emergency wherein a moment the whole world was affected by Coronavirus. All of our lives changed, and the biggest thing that got affected in our lives is definitely work and many had to work from home, and even though some companies are returning to the office, many others are still taking the safety measurements very seriously and employees are still working remotely. If you have tried working from home, even before coronavirus, then you know that it’s easier said than done, so imagine adding a pandemic to the picture, but of course, it’s much safer than going to the office. So here are some tips to make your work from home a bit easier, organized, and efficient: 

Wake up Early as If You Are Going to Work 

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Of course, this will be achieved by sleeping early and not staying up late, because there is no point in waking up early if you didn’t take the hours your body needs to sleep. The normal rate of sleep per day is from six to eight hours. So sleeping early and waking up early is among the most important foundations for maintaining good health and accomplishing the required work efficiently.

Set a Specific, Regular Time for Work

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If you want to focus on work and accomplish what you have to do during the day, you have to pretend that you aren’t working from home, but rather as if you have already gone to your workplace. Like many people who work from home, their schedule is in chaos with no specific time to sit at the computer for work, and no time to rest. It will also negatively affect your family daily routine. So determining your working hours will be a comfort for you and them.

Choose the Most Suitable Place in the House for Work Environment

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Choosing a place for the work is one of the most important basics of work. As the place should be quiet, clean, and comfortable. So stay away from the children’s room and the kitchen. As your manager doesn’t need to hear children’s noises or dish noises.

Explain the Nature of Your Work at Home to Your Family

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One of the most important steps that you must take as soon as you start your workdays from home, is to explain and clarify the nature of work from home to your family. Always tell them about your work schedule. especially if you have kids. Confirm that working days from home doesn’t mean that they are days of luxury during which activities other than work can be carried out, so they don’t interrupt you during your work or entice you with any fun off-the-job activities.

Ditch Them Pajamas

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Act as if you are really going to work, so unless you are very lucky, and you are allowed to wear pajamas randomly in the office, do some effort and change your sleep attire to start the day. Changing your outfit affects the productivity of your work even if you don’t feel it temporarily. Wearing the appropriate work uniform will make you feel the seriousness of the situation and give you a feeling that you aren’t at home, while pajamas will give you a feeling of sleep, rest, and relaxation at work. Also, think of expecting video calls/meetings from your manager and co-workers, I don’t think they would like to see your favorite cute pajamas.

Take a Break

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Taking a short break is important to get an efficient work result. Working from home doesn’t mean that you don’t need a short break during working hours. You can of course enjoy a break for a drink or something to eat. Just make sure that breaks should last from 15 to 20 minutes, and not for 2 hours to catch that movie you found randomly on TV.

Keep Your Worksheets in a Safe Place

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The most important step is to keep your work papers in a safe place at home, especially if you have children. As they tamper with anything that falls into their hands, you want to avoid having some unicorns drawn on your work documents. It is also very important to put your laptop away from your children. So keep all your work stuff in a safe place, and find yourself a practical organization storage system for your work stuff.

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