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Why have plain normal stationery, when you can have bedazzled fun items with these simple DIYs?
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As the Minister of Education, Dr.Tarek Shawky, announced the date for the beginning of the new school year, on the 17th of October, almost every home is getting ready by stocking on face masks, gloves, sanitizers, and of course school supplies. When it comes to school supplies, this can be either a hectic process, thanks to the endless options and the existence of TikTok where kids see some fancy stationery that cannot be found here. Well, while we wish every mom out there the best of luck during this time, we thought of bringing ideas that will make both mommies and kids share an activity and enjoy the whole “getting ready back to school” with simple DIY projects. These Do-It-Yourself projects will be both fun for the kids, and they can have their own personalized unique stationery at the same time, so let’s check them out:

Water Marbled Pencils

Via South Lumina Style

All you need is:

Some pencils

-Few different colors of nail polish

A large bowl of water

-Simple painting brush

 Step1. Put some drops from the nail polish ( different colors) in the bowl.

Step 2.  Drop the pencil in the bowl.

Step 3. Pull the dropped colors towards your pencil through the brush. Now enjoy your marbled fantasy pencils.

Fruit Notebooks

Via Makoccino

All you need is :

– Some Notebooks


-Some Colored Papers


-Fruit stickers

Step 1. Get the notebook and glue its cover.

Step 2. Attach the colored paper you want on it.

Step 3. Cut the paper with scissors until you get the right size of your notebook.

Step 4.  Get the fruit stickers pineapple or watermelon or whatever and glue it on the notebook cover. Now your fruity notebook is ready.

Supplies Organizer

Via Fun365

This one is important to organize all over your school supplies.
All you need is:

-Some cardboard tubes

-Some pattern papers




Step 1. Measure your tubes.

Step 2.  Cut the pattern paper to fit the tubes perfectly.

Step 3.  Put the glue all over the tubes.

Step 4. Roll the papers around the tube.

Step 5. Use the cutter To make small holes anywhere you want in the tubes. To use it for holding whatever pencils or sticky notes,.. etc.

Page Markers

Via Pinterest

All you need is:

-Assorted washi tape-Large paper clips-Scissors.

Step 1. Measure a length of washi tape approximately 2″ and cut.

Step 2. Insert the washi tape into the large loop end of the paper clip.

Step 3. Fold the washi tape in half over the end of the paper clip.

Step 4. Cut a little “v” at the end of the washi tape.

Now your page marker is ready for use.

Sticky Note Binder Page

Via 123Ink

All you need is :
– Some sticky notes
– Hole puncher

– Card-stock

Step 1. Arrange your sticky notes on the card, to see how you want them on the page.

Step 2. Use the hole puncher to make holes at the card edges.

Step 3. Put this binder page in your notebook. Now you have all your sticky notes on one page which is very useful, whenever you need them you will find all your notes in one place.

Pencil Case

Via Pinterest

All you need is:

-Fabric or faux leather


Step 1. Cut out a 10-inch square fabric piece.

Step 2. Keep the fabric right side up in front of you. Keep the zipper face down along one edge of the fabric. Sew in place.

Step 3. Fold the fabric and join the remaining zipper edge to the other edge of the fabric.

Step 4. Keep the tube you have now flattened and arrange the zipper to the center. Stitch the side edges closed.

Step 5. Pinch one of the corners and sew across one inch from the corner. Remember to keep the seam allowance open. Do this for all the corners. That is it. Turn your pencil box right side out. Now you can stuff the pencil pouch with anything you want.

To-Do List Frame

Via borrowed heaven

All you need is:

Picture frame

– Pattern papers


– Post-it Notes

– Sticker Letters ( TO DO)

Step 1. Cut out your pattern paper to fit your frame.

Step 2. Attach the paper into the frame.

Step 3. Put the letters (TO DO) into the paper.

Step 4. Put the notes below (TO DO) letters.

Now you have a simple cute frame.

Pencil Toppers

Via Pinterest


All you need is:

-Shaped erasers

-For the plastic food pencil sharpeners:

-Plastic toy food


-Small metal pencil sharpener


Step 1. Measure the size of the eraser that you want to put the topper on.

Step 2. Drill a hole in the bottom of the eraser and stick the eraser on your pencil.

Colorful Thumbtacks

Via Pinterest

All you need is :

-Nail polish

-Acrylic paint


Thumbtacks are a workplace staple but often come in uninspiring colors. So, it will be better to add some cheerful colors to it, to enlighten your works day.

Step 1. Stick your tacks into an even surface, such as a discarded magazine or shoebox cover, so their heads are facing up.

Step 2. Paint over each tack, using 2-3 coats of each color.

Step 3. Finish each tack off with a layer of clear topcoat.


Duck Tape Flashcard Holder

Via CuteAsFox

All you need is:

– 1 Roll of Duct Tape (optional: a contrasting color for the inside of the case)

– Thin cardboard such as a cereal box. It needs to be at least 12.5″ inches long

– Duct Tape Note Card Holder Template

– Hole punch (optional)

– Ponytail holder (optional)

Step 1. Cover the cereal box with strips of Duct tape, be careful to try and line up the chevron pattern so they matched up.

Step 2. If you want the inside of the case to be decorated, then make sure you put Duct tape on both sides of the cardboard.

Step 3. Print the template and trace it onto your taped cardboard piece. The solid black lines are cut lines and the dotted lines are fold lines. The template is bigger than an 8.5×11 sheet of paper, so you will need to piece the template after you print.

Step 4. Score and fold the cardboard on all the marked dotted lines.

Step 5. Assemble the holder by folding in all the scored lines. Secure the sides with additional pieces of Duct tape.

Step 6. You can be done right now if you want. Use a rubber band or ponytail holder to keep the holder closed. If you want a more finished look, continue on.

Step 7. Punch a hole in the top end of the notecard holder 2.75″ from the side. That will be the middle of the holder. Punch the hole about 1/4″ from the bottom edge. Push a ponytail holder through the hole and tie. The ponytail holder will keep the notecard holder securely closed.
Now enjoy your useful cardholder.

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