LifestyleVideo: Nuseir Yassin, AKA Nas Daily, Said this in Response to BDS’s Campaign to Boycott his Show!

BDS movement in Palestine called on content creators and influencers to boycott Nas Daily for its efforts to drag content creators to normalization and cover up Israeli crimes.
Gilan RamadanSeptember 20, 202017 min

The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement in Palestine called on content creators and influencers to boycott Nas Daily for its efforts to drag content creators to normalization and cover up Israeli crimes.

Via Aurum Bureau

Nuseir Yassin, better known for his Facebook name Nas Daily, is an Israeli-Arab video blogger who created 1,000 daily 1-minute videos of his travels and now he operates the Nas Daily Corporation, a video production company that uploads weekly videos. last month he launched a program called The Next Nas Daily, a paid opportunity for 80 Arabic language content creators to take part in a six-month training program run by the Nas Academy, which offers classroom and online courses teaching skills such as shooting video, editing, and storytelling. in turn, the BDS movement posted a statement calling on “content creators and influencers in the Arab region to boycott the upcoming Nas Daily program, which aims to implicate them in normalizing relations with Israel and cover-up its crime”. The statement drew attention to the Nas Academy’s head of training, Yonatan Belik who served in the Israeli army and drew attention to Nas Daily founder, Yassin himself, who has been frequently accused of whitewashing the Israeli occupation, in his videos and presenting equal sides to the Middle East conflict, ignoring ethnic cleansing that Palestinians go through.

a day after 58 Palestinian protesters were killed by Israeli forces in Gaza, he posted a video and stated: “If you stand with one side and one side only, you are wrong, because it’s not black or white.” and the caption on the video was “Israel has gone too far with its force. But to pretend that one side is fully responsible for this is inaccurate … I can name a hundred things we as Palestinians (and Arabs like in Egypt and Jordan) did wrong in the past 70 years, and the same goes to Israel. Once you realize that every side is to blame, you really can’t take sides.”

So, here’s Nuseir’s response:

The BDS statement also criticized Nas Daily’s training program for being supported by the New Media Academy, a digital training institution launched in June by United Arab Emirates Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. “This support by the Emirati authoritarian regime constitutes explicit complicity in the Israeli efforts to invade the minds of the Arab people and polish the crimes of the Israeli colonial settler and apartheid regime, as well as the marketing of the shameful agreement that the regime concluded with the occupation,” the movement said.

The movement also noted that Nas Daily has been trying to show the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as a conflict between two powers of equal weight, ignoring the rights of the indigenous Palestinian people and the right of return and blaming Palestinians for not accepting “peace” as ‘Israel’ and the US present it.

So, do you actually think Palestinians should make peace with and accept the borders of Israel and Palestine and “move on”, because “in life there are better and bigger things to focus on than the name of a piece of land” as Nuseir Yassin said? or do you stand with BDS and want content creators and influencers to boycott Nas Daily program?

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