SportYou’ll Never Walk Alone: Liverpool’s Football Anthem Sees off Man Untd., Barca, and Bayern in Spotify’s Egypt Data!

60% of football fans turning to music to replicate match day experiences from home.
Mohamed FouadSeptember 24, 202019 min

Delivering a snapshot of football fan listening habits across the conclusion of European football season, Spotify has revealed that Liverpool’s anthem, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, was the most listened to European club track on the global streaming platform.

New data from Spotify has revealed the track by Gerry & The Pacemakers was the most streamed globally and in Egypt across most of June, July, and August*, ahead of other well-known club songs associated with the likes of FC Barcelona (“Cant del Barça – Autèntic Himne del Barça Desde 1973” by Rudy Venter), Manchester United “Bonus Glory Glory Man United” by Fans Forever, and Bayern Munich (“Stern des Südens” by Bayern Fans United).

You’ll Never Walk Alone: Liverpool’s Football Anthem Sees off Man Untd., Barca, and Bayern in Spotify’s Egypt Data!

The data shows the highs of major European clubs playing out on Spotify where the most listened to club tracks reflect performances of the big teams, most obviously with Liverpool, who were crowned English champions on 25 June this year.

Showcasing the passion for Barcelona in Egypt, the Catalan giants’ fan favorite, “Cant del Barça – Autèntic Himne del Barça Desde 1973” by Rudy Venter was the football club song that saw the biggest increase in streams in Egypt, up more than 185% from the start of the timeframe to the end. Notably, the data capture stops just a few days short of the club’s exit from the Champions League at the hands of Bayern Munich.

Liverpool’s song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Gerry & The Pacemakers was the club track that saw the second-highest growth in streams, up 36%.

Top streamed classic club songs in Egypt between 11 June and 11 August 2020:

  1. You’ll Never Walk Alone” by Gerry & The Pacemakers
  2. Cant del Barça – Autèntic Himne del Barça Desde 1973” by Rudy Ventura
  3. Bonus Glory Glory Man United” by Fans Forever

The sounds of football have been a hot topic for fans with the new season and competitions kicking off behind closed doors. The research has revealed that almost two thirds (60%**) of Egyptian football fans have been replicating the matchday experience at home in a number of ways, including listening to football songs to recreate the feeling of being in the stadium (22%) and playing football anthems when their team has scored or won a match (17%).

As fans turn to Spotify to get their football sounds to fix, the streaming platform has seen more than 20,000 user-generated playlists with the term ‘football’ in the title added across the summer.

You’ll Never Walk Alone: Liverpool’s Football Anthem Sees off Man Untd., Barca, and Bayern in Spotify’s Egypt Data!

It’s perhaps no surprise that 74% of football fans, including from across Europe, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, agree they miss hearing the sounds of the live crowds singing along to team songs and chants from inside the stadium, and even more so (80%) miss the live cheering sounds as their team scores a goal.

These findings have been verified by a recent study from Texas Tech University which found that when fans watch sports on TV, they take their social cues and much of their enjoyment from the crowd in the stadium – with the research finding games with added stadium crowd noise were “significantly more exciting and immersive” than without.

Professor Glenn Cummins of Texas Tech, who conducted the research, said: “Team sports such as football are an important way for people to feel united. Our findings show the power sound can play in creating a more exciting and immersive experience for sporting spectators. While live sports are put on pause, there are plenty of different ways that fans can use other audio to recreate the match-day magic.

“Whether through top chants, fan-favorite songs or longer-form podcasts about football, audio content helps bring that shared experience to life again for fans to keep the excitement high before they can get back into the stadiums once more.”

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