EntertainmentIt’s Amr Diab’s Birthday: Let’s Celebrate with Some of His Best Hits and This Giveaway!

Make sure you read the whole article for a surprise!
Ahmed MansourOctober 11, 20202262362 min

Besides the fact that today makes as the “International Day of the Girl Child”, it’s the birthday of one of the most iconic Arab singers the world has ever seen. This dude, single-handedly, managed to revolutionize the music industry in the region. They dub him as the Hadaba, and they do so for a reason!

It’s the birthday of the LEGENDARY Amr Diab turning 59!

Since that we’re not cool enough to be invited by Dina El-Sherbiny to that surprise birthday party she’s probably throwing for Amr Diab, we decided that we will celebrate his birthday with some of his hottest hits. So, here’s the list we came up with!

The rest will be from our favorite music streaming platform, Spotify. And guess what, since we are celebrating Amr’s birthday, the first five people who’ll message us on Instagram will get a 3-month premium subscription to Spotify for FREE! … “let the games begin!”

Did you send us the message yet?

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