LifestyleHere’s the Whole Story Behind Mariam Saleh Who Died Due to a Sexual Harassment Incident!

May her soul rest in peace!
Ahmed MansourOctober 14, 20203 min

We come across a lot of sexual harassment incidents in Egypt recently, and the reason why we do is well known, well, known to all of us except the officials that should be finding a swift solution for it. So, meet Mariam Saleh, the latest victim of the reckless behavior of the sexually deviant.

According to various sources; here’s how the story went exactly:

Mariam was on her way back from work as we all do, for some it’s easier than for others and by that, I mean that it’s easier for men than women to walk in the streets of Egypt nowadays. When only a group of three men, in a car, decided to sexually harass and catcall her. As anyone would do, Mariam decided to ignore them and just continue walking until she reached home but that’s when the perpetrators decided to come close to her with the car.

According to the footage that was confiscated by the police officials; her purse (other sources claim that it’s her cloth) got stuck to the car while it was still moving and that’s when the driver started panicking and accelerated the car trying to flee the scene, Little did he know that Mariam was still stuck to the car being dragged until she lost her life.

Ever since officials have retrieved the footage of the perps, Cairo officials have started a massive wide search for all three who were already caught on camera.

Mariam’s loss has created a massive wave of anger on all social media platforms. People sharing her photo stating that there should be regulations and rules to stop sexual harassment everywhere.

We sure do hope that officials won’t be lenient with the 3 sex offenders!

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