TechnologyEgypt to Launch the First Locally Assembled Electric Car and Here’s How Much it’s Going to Cost!

It'll be as cheap as most of them come!
Ahmed MansourOctober 16, 20202 min

The whole world is taking global warming a little more seriously than they used to and you won’t see us complaining! In fact, we’re a bit ecstatic about it! We’re recycling, planting trees, reducing our carbon footprint, you name it we are doing it and we sure are happy that Egypt is following these footsteps as well!

Egypt to Launch the First Locally Assembled Electric Car and Here's How Much it's Going to Cost!

So, one thing that will help reduce our carbon footprint is electric cars, and guess what Egypt will be launching its first locally assembled electric car in 2021 and it will cost somewhere around LE 350,000 only!

The car will be produced in partnership with Chinese Dongfeng Motor Corporation, and this comes according to Egypt’s Minister of Public Business Sector, Hisham Tawfik.

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