EntertainmentHere’re the Top Streamed K-Pop Hits and Bands on Spotify in the Middle East!

K-Pop is taking over the music industry. So, we might as well come in peace with it!

I, myself, I’m not really a fan when it comes to any genre of music other than that sweet old Rock and Roll. To the extent that a lot of my friends do think that I’m still stuck in the 70s! But being an avid listener, or some say explorer, of everything that’s new and hip, I certainly cannot deny that K-Pop is becoming the new Trance (remember when trance was THE thing here in Egypt?)

So, in order for me to actually know what K-Pop songs were trending and how trendy are they … I went to the leading online music streaming platform in the ME (if not the world) Spotify to get to understand what the fuss was all about! And to tell you the truth; I think I was kinda hooked on how captivating K-Pop is! Not Rock and Roll captivating … But still!

So, here’re the top and most trendy K-Pop songs and bands on Spotify in the Middle East!

Here're the Top Streamed K-Pop Hits and Bands on Spotify in the Middel East!

The top 5 most streamed K-Pop acts in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and UAE on Spotify are:



    1. Stray Kids

    2. ATEEZ

The top 5 most streamed K-Pop songs in Egypt on Spotify are:

Dynamite by BTS

Black Swan by BTS

How You Like That by BLACKPINK

Boy With Luv  by BTS featuring Halsey


Honorable Mentions: The K-Pop acts with the most increases in average streams during 2020 are:
  2. MAX
  3. Jang Ye Eun
  4. Solar
  5. Kim Jong Wan

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