FashionGff2020: These Celebrities Walked Down the Red Carpet Wearing Egyptian Brands Like No Other

This year, we've seen many celebrities dressed up to the nines from Egyptian brands and fashion houses, let's check them out: 
Summer El-MorallyOctober 24, 20207294315 min

While 2020 was a very gloomy year with so many canceled plans and projects, El Gouna Film Festival was an exception and started its 4th edition yesterday the 23rd of October. With that being said, and like every year, who wore what on the red carpet in the beautiful city of El Gouna makes headlines. This year, we’ve seen many celebrities dressed up to the nines from Egyptian fashion houses, let’s check them out:

Tara Emad in Deana Shaaban 

Injy El Mokadem in Kojak

Huda El Mufti in Kojak

Rowan Badry in Soha Murad 

Ola Roshdy in Soha Murad 

Asser Yassin in Nour Ibrahim

Sara El Tounsi in Emme 

Bushra in Sara Onsi 

Kenzy Abdallah in Temraza 

Khaled El Nabawy in Ahmed Hamdy Designs

Lama Gebreil in Temraza 

Hassan Abou El Rouss in Maison Farah Wali

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