ArtMeet Mona Salem, the Talented Woman Behind “The Chic Tables”

Just like a good outfit, a good table setting can make or break the event!

Just like a good outfit, a good table setting can make or break the event! It takes more than some flowers in the center or some candles scattered around, and when done right, it can definitely make your special day a memorable one. We’ve seen some creative tables here and there, but when we found The Chic Tables, we had to contact the talented woman behind it and had a chat about her work, and the process behind it.

What inspired you to start The Chic Tables?

I had the idea from a friend of mine, one day she sent me a picture of a tray setup, and she suggested to start a page to inspire people and give advice on table setting and decoration. Later on, the idea developed into a business.

Did you take any organization/decoration courses prior to starting your business?

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Yes, I did take lots of online courses, especially during the Covid-19 lockdown. I actually took several ones from different places, and they taught me everything about setting tables.

Are there any challenges regarding finding the materials for specific themes?

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Yes, it’s a bit challenging of course as most of the materials are not available here, so I get them from abroad. I also have to manufacture some of the props and accessories here, and sometimes I create them by myself.

What was the event that you enjoyed working on the most?

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There is no specific event that I can choose per se, and each event carries a different mood for me. I work on setting tables from two, up to 200 people. So, whether it’s a romantic dinner setting or a birthday ceremony, it always feels special.

Which event was the hardest to execute?

The Nile Lounge by Orascom, it was the hardest one as it was my first time to work on a big project for 250 people.

What would Mona’s dream table look like?

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I always have this vision of setting a big long table that would take up to 100 people.

In your opinion, what makes a table setting luxurious and classy?

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I believe that centerpieces and charger plates, which are large, decorative base setting on top of which other dinnerware is placed, are the most two things that change how a table looks and elevate its look completely.

As a mother, how do you manage your time and work on The Chic Tables?

I am not gonna say it’s easy, as I have already another job. I try to make the best use of my time, and whenever I have some spare time, I look up new ideas and go shop for new items.

Can you give us some advice on setting tables at home?

I would say that simplicity is the best option when it comes to setting tables at home. Stick with minimal colors that match, and a table mat, along with a vase, or a candle, and a simple centerpiece.

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