EntertainmentNetflix’s Paranormal: Does It Deserve All The Hype? No Spoilers.

Now we can see why Amr Salama has posted some “instructions” for watching the series.
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So here's our "flash review" of the series but if you're into more details make sure you read the whole article!

Actually, the answer is yes. The long-awaited very first Egyptian series on Netflix has been finally out on the fifth of November, and we went crazy about it. Since Amr Salama’s -the series director- first announcement about the project with Ahmed Amin being the protagonist, people on social media split into two teams. The late Ahmed Khaled Tawfik novels’ fans had a feeling between disappointment and doubtfulness due to their jealousy about their childhood imagination. The other team was strongly excited.

Surprisingly, Ahmed Amin whom we have been familiar with his comic character on his show proves he has so much more talent and proves his opponents wrong. The perfect personification is what we can describe his performance with. From his wretched facial expressions, his meager walk, his lowered head, to the slight dark sense of humor he possesses.

Netflix's Paranormal: Does It Deserve All The Hype? No Spoilers.

Basically, there is no single case of miscast in the project. Almost all the actors are perfectly suitable for their roles. Maggie starring Razane Jammal has mastered the Scottish dialect, Aya Samaha who hasn’t been acting for many years has played the weak girl role in a way that made us sincerely sympathize with her. Also, Refaat’s family members actually consist of mighty actors performing so fluently.

The very first episode had plenty of kids actors who apparently were neatly chosen, not only that their acting is real to a great extent –which is always a hard mission to control- but also they match perfectly with their old selves. Also, Ahmed Dash was a happy surprise for the audience although his appearance was short-timed.

Netflix's Paranormal: Does It Deserve All The Hype? No Spoilers.

The events of the series began preliminary yet outflowing with Dr. Refaat Ismail telling us –or in his mind- about himself and his bad luck before showing us flashbacks from his childhood. Refaat is trapped in a series of mysterious supernatural events that he refuses to link to anything rather than science. The swinging events between present and past were made so smoothly with an interconnected sequence.

The historical aspect is so vivid, using the 60s slang words, old streets, and decorations, mentioning political circumstances, even Refaat’s cigarettes and newspaper, details that made the whole scene looks authentic and triggers the Egyptians’ nostalgia as well as introducing old Egypt to foreign audiences. Also, we believe tackling the pharos’ issue at the beginning of the series was intentional.

Supposedly, the series is classified as horror, and in contrast to previous Egyptian projects in the same genre, this time has been equitable. Either it’s for Tawfik’s well-structured story, or Salama’s unprecedented effort hoping to keep his promise to Tawfik, we believe the horror element was done right. It keeps you thrilled throughout the scenes and the events punch you just before you get bored. Moreover, we got dreaded thanks to the graphics that didn’t look cartoonish except for the gorilla scene which many people have commented on. Also it’s that kind of horror that is not hurtful, meaning that the young can watch it and love it.

The shooting is professionally done with high quality, there are a variety of camera angles, and the symmetrical screen that Amr Salama loves. The music gives you the needed captivating suspense so you get into the mood of the show.

Now we can see why Amr Salama has posted some “instructions” for watching the series. Despite the comics made on it, we believe he’s a bit right. The show deserves to be watched with full attention. It will get you hooked from the first couple of scenes. We are very proud the project is announced to be on the IMDb list of best 250 series in the world. We highly recommend it to you.

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