HealthUN: Egypt is One of the Leading Countries at Protecting Women From COVID-19

Hats off to all the mommies out there!
Heba SaadNovember 21, 20202 min

COVID-19 has certainly caused widespread panic amongst all of us. Day and night we worry about ourselves, our parents, and above all our children. But as Arabs (or maybe not only as Arabs) if we had to choose who’s carrying way more burden than the other … we would certainly state that women carry the burden more than men. Why, you say? Well, it’s simply because Arab women are the anchors of our homes.

UN: Egypt is One of the Leading Countries at Protecting Women From COVID-19

According to a statement by the United Nations, ever since the pandemic has hit, and there are a lot of countries that focus way more attention on protecting women than on protecting men and Egypt has come on top of that list.

During a Skype conversation with the DMC Evening Program, Arab said that Egypt is one of the leading countries in confronting the impact of the coronavirus on women, explaining that the government is working to confront the repercussions of the Corona pandemic on women.

We always say it and we always will … Hats off to those incredible mommies that always have our backs!

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