TechnologyGoogle Releases Egypt’s Year in Search lists and Some of them You Didn’t Expect!

Coronavirus, the Egyptian Football League, and "El Ekhteyar" are amongst the top!
Ahmed MansourDecember 12, 20208 min

Google announced its Year in Search results for Egypt. The annual lists share the most trending search queries that had the highest spike over a sustained period in 2020 compared to 2019.   This year’s Year in Search showed that despite coronavirus being the top trending query in the country, education, remaining up-to-date with interests and hobbies as well as tips to adapt to the new circumstances also had a marked presence in this year’s Year in the Search list for Egypt.

The lists include the top trending searches, people, events, sports, series, and movies, which are generated by looking at trillions of aggregated and anonymized searches. Spam and repetitive queries are then removed to build lists that reflect the spirit of 2020.

Google releases Egypt’s Year in Search lists and Some of them You Didn't Expect!

It was no surprise that Coronavirus was the top trending query given its impact on the lives of people across the country which subsequently saw a rise in queries related to “coronavirus tips”. That said, as many Egyptians worked to adapt to a new normal, some took the opportunity to develop their skills by searching for “how to write a CV” and “how to write a research introduction”. Others focused on their health by searching for “how to exercise at home” and “ideas for healthy and fast dinners“, while some searched for “tips for protecting the environment”.

Interest in education continued during the coronavirus pandemic, as “Thanaweya Amma high school results” ranked second place in the most trending queries in Egypt, despite the challenges faced by teachers and students. Likewise, “Digital Library” trended across the country, as students adapted to distance learning during the pandemic.

Despite these circumstances, Egyptians remained committed to pursuing their interests and hobbies, whether by remaining up-to-date with international events such as the “American elections” or catching up on football, particularly “The Egyptian Football League”. As for fans of TV series and drama, searches for “El Ekhteyar”, “El Prince” and “Paranormal” were the top trending in Egypt.  On the music front, the Mahraganat genre had the largest presence on the Year in Search list, with “Bint El Giran”, “Oud El Batal” and “Hala Wallah” all ranking top in the trending lists.

Commenting on the Year in Search lists for 2020, Dalia El Fiki Communications and Public Affairs Manager, MENA at Google, said “I’m personally inspired by the top trending queries, because they reflect the adaptability and resilience of people, regardless of the circumstances. We’re glad that Google Search was able to help Emiratis and UAE residents to access the information they needed during these exceptional times and we hope to continue helping our users”.

Here are the top trending queries in Egypt for 2020:

Top Questions Searched on Google: 

  • Coronavirus tips
  • How to exercise at home?
  • How to write a CV?
  • How to make a fast healthy dinner?
  • Tips to protect the environment
  • How to write a research introduction?
  • How to pray Eid prayer?
  • How to make Kunafa?
  • Determine the direction of the Qibla
  • How to draw for beginners?

Top Songs Searched on Google:

  • “Oud El Batal”
  • Bent El Giran”
  • “Halla Wallah”
  • “Shagara Meshagara”
  • “Ma3 El Salama Lel 3ayez Yemshy”
  • “Ekhwaty”
  •  “Ana Lama Baheb”
  • “Salmonella”
  • “Laghbateeta”

Top TV Series Searched on Google:

  •  “El Ekhteyar”
  • Paranormal
  • “El Brins”
  • “El Nehaya”
  • Money Heist: Le Casa De Papel
  • “Ela Ana”
  • “Leh La2”
  • “El Anesa Farah”
  • “Khetm El Nemr”
  • “Khat Ahmar”

Top Trending Queries on Google: 

  • COVID-19
  •  Thanaweyya Amma High school results for 2020
  •  “Daam Masr”
  • American Elections
  • Egyptian League
  • The Digital Library
  • “El Ekhteyar” Series
  • Coronavirus tips
  • Jobs
  • Paranormal Series

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