FoodThe First Google Cook-Off in MENA Will Take Place Today and You Should Not Miss it!

Join renowned chefs from around the Arab world judge lifestyle influencers as they take part in the first Google Cook-Off, hosted by YouTube Creator and Food Personality Basil AL Haj
Adham MounirDecember 13, 2020168852 min

In an effort to raise awareness about just how easy cooking at home can be, Google is hosting a cook-off in which three lifestyle influencers from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, will have to make a dish from their competitor’s country using nothing but a basket of mystery ingredients and Google Search.

The Livestream will take place Sunday, December 13 at 8 pm Dubai time (6 pm Egypt time) on the host’s YouTube channel, Basil Al Haj.

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The competitors are Abeer Sinder from Saudi Arabia, Sherif Fayed from Egypt, and Ghaith Marwan from Syria. Sherif is known for his traveling, Abeer is a beauty and skincare influencer, while Ghaith Marwan is a lifestyle blogger.

The judging panel is Chef Ali Basha, a renowned chef in Saudi Arabia, Chef Leyla Fathallah who’s an expert on the cuisines of the Levante, and Chef Ghada El Tilly who’s a loved TV chef in Egypt.

While the contestants compete, the judges will also reveal the most searched recipes on Google in 2020 in each of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE, Syria, and Lebanon!

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