HealthCOVID-19 Edition: Here’re Ways to Celebrate this New Year’s Eve Safely!

Most importantly: Stay Safe!

Yeah, I know that you probably thought about this one like a hundred times. Maybe you’ve decided to throw in the towel and give up to the temptation of going clubbing or something. However, I tell you … DON’T DO IT! It has been a tough year for us all. Holidays’ traditions worldwide were canceled or changed to fit the current situation. People are so overwhelmed by everything happening. That’s why we believe we have to celebrate our heroic effort to pass this year sanely …

There’re probably a hundred and one ways that you can celebrate this new year’s eve, but here’re some suggestions that you can add to the bunch!

Cozy-lazy Day

COVID-19 Edition: Here're Ways to Celebrate this New Year's Eve Safely!

The best way to celebrate a holiday is a day spent doing nothing. Wake-up late, take a hot bath, order your favorite food, grab a blanket, and watch a movie. You can spice-it-up a bit by pre-ordering a Christmas onesie or decorating the living room with led lights.

Zoom for the Rescue 

COVID-19 Edition: Here're Ways to Celebrate this New Year's Eve Safely!

A holiday is never the same without our beloved ones. Zoom, thankfully, break the walls and allow us to celebrate moments together no matter how far we are. You can set-up a meeting with your family and close friends and do the count-down together. Also, you can spend the whole night playing games virtually like Name That Movie, truth, or dare.

Virtual Concerts

COVID-19 Edition: Here're Ways to Celebrate this New Year's Eve Safely!

STALK your favorite singers as they are most likely performing online on that day. You can dress-up, turn the lights off, set-up the concert to be streamed on TV or laptop, and you will be literally dancing like nobody’s watching.

Car Ride

Create a playlist and fill it up with all music that makes you forgot all about the face masks and alcohol sprays. Play your songs and hit your favorite spots and we promise you a big boost in your mood.

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